Clutch Selection Tips to Match Your Gown

When you search for the right clutch to match your homecoming dress or cocktail dress, then you must consider the overall color of your outfit and the event you are attending. These factors, along with the number of items you plan to bring, will influence the size, color, and material of clutch that you choose. Read on for a better look at these clutch selection tips.

Tip #1: Match the material to the event.
Clutch material can range from leather to silk to suede, and choosing the right one will depend on the type of event you are attending. For example, satin and silk clutches are best brought to formal, evening events like weddings and corporate cocktail parties. If you are attending a night out on the town, then use a leather or cotton clutch with attractive embellishments on the outside.

Tip #2: Coordinate the color to the outfit.
Your entire outfit should be color coordinated, including your jewelry, dress rental, and clutch. Consider the dominating color of your formal wear before choosing the color of your clutch. For example, if your dress is solid black or has muted colors, then choose a bright, bold clutch color. Bright colors will make your entire outfit pop and draw attention to you. If you are unsure of the right matching color, then choose a neutral-colored clutch that will go with almost any outfit you choose.

Tip #3: Select the size based on your essentials.

The size of your clutch will be largely based on the number and size of essentials you choose to carry. If you need to bring your cell phone, makeup, keys, identification, and money, then you will need a larger clutch that can carry everything. Make sure that the size also matches your body type. If you are petite, then an oversized bag may overwhelm your figure.

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Stress-Free Tips to Prepare for an Upcoming Formal Occasion

Preparing for a formal occasion can cause a lot of stress, which can prohibit you enjoying your time at the event. You can prevent preparation stress by planning your skin and hair care, along with your designer dress rental, in the days and weeks prior to your big event. Here are a few tips to ensure your event preparation is stress-free:

Tip #1: Plan your hair during the prior week.
Your hair care should not be left to the day of your formal event. You will want to plan a hair mask about a week before the event. This will ensure that your hair is healthy and able to hold any style you wish. If you are planning to wax your eyebrows, legs, or upper lip, then schedule a waxing appointment a few days prior to the event. This will ensure there is no hair growth, redness, or irritation on the big day.

Tip #2: Care for your face during the prior days.
Most of your face and skin care can be done on the day of the event, but you will want to start a good regimen in the days before. This regimen should include using a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and serums. You can also use steam to open your pores before applying a purifying mask. Follow up this step with your cleanser and moisturizer to keep your skin healthy before applying your makeup.

Tip #3: Plan your dress rental during the prior month.
Keep your preparations stress-free by planning your outfit in the weeks before the event. Rent your formal gown with enough time to choose your makeup, jewelry, and accessories to match. This step can significantly reduce your stress because you will have your dress and accessories chosen and ready to wear well before your event.

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Pinning Down Your Holiday Gown Style

Classy, Sexy or Glam? That is the question when it comes to choosing the perfect designer dress rental for you holiday parties and galas. Of course there are the classic colors and shimmer, but what style is right for you?


Look for an amazing silhouette, like a mermaid, or a gown with a cap sleeve, or high neck. Choose a style that keeps you covered but reveals your figure. A little bling goes a long way here.


If the occasion allows, it's time to show off some skin! Look for fun and subtle cutouts, high slits, and low backs this season. Feel empowered and rock that party!


Let the sparkles fly, girl! You've got a fun sense of style and it's time to show it off! We're recommending copious amounts of sequins, a fun new trumpet skirt, or a fun twist on two pieces.

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Red Carpet-Worthy Dresses at Lending Luxury

Lending Luxury is known for carrying beautiful and fashion forward dress rentals that could be found anywhere, including the red carpet. Let’s take a closer look at a brief selection of red carpet-worthy dresses found at Lending Luxury.

As seen in the short video, Lending Luxury follows many fashion trends. Mermaid dresses are often a must-have for those wanting a formal event dress, and we have a large variety of this beautiful fashion trend. We have fun and flirty dress rentals that make a statement all on their own, and we also carry simplistic, classic mermaid dresses that can be livened up with gorgeous accessories.

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Unique Styles by French Connection

The French Connection brand is known for flirty and sexy cocktail dresses that everyone will enjoy. For over 40 years, this brand, and its creator Stephen Marks, has sought to bring designer dress rentals to women across the globe. French Connection can be found in over 25 countries, introducing women to affordable and creative new dresses. Get a better look at French Connection by reading below.

French Connection designer dress rentals are all hemmed just below or above the knees. These dresses can be found in solid colors with attractive embellishments or in fun and flirty prints. Cute rompers can even be found in the French Connection brand. There are many styles, colors, and prints to choose from with French Connection, and all will make a woman feel her most beautiful.

Lending Luxury carries many high fashion brands because we believe that everyone should look and feel their best, no matter their budget. Please visit us online or call us at (800) 403-9848 to see our selection of French Connection’s couture gowns and high fashion dresses near Tampa, FL.

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