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    4 Tips on Finding Your Best Red Carpet Rental

    Last updated 4 days ago

    Award Season is well on it's way and we've already seen some beautiful gowns grace those Red Carpets! If you're looking to pull off a gown with the grace of those admirable actresses and talented performers you're in the right spot. Lending Luxury has put together our favorite looks from our top designers. Rock these rentals in front of the paparazi like you own them!

    Depending on what look you're going for, check out our fave styles below for a little bit of Bold Beyonce and some Trendy T-Swift inspo. And for even more looks, head over to our Red Carpet Looks board!

    Sexy & Sultry


    • rent-a-dress-faviana-sophisticated-halter-gown-7728-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-faviana-limelight-strappy-halter-gown-7735-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-abyss-coco-halter-dress-in-pink-4190p-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-abyss-saba-bodycon-gown-in-red-4204-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-abyss-envy-cold-shoulder-in-black-4187-model-31

    Tip #1 Find a dress that's as interesting from the back as it is in the front. You're going to have photographs coming from all angles so make sure you're keeping their interest even when you turn to leave! These Faviana gowns have intricate and strappy backs while the Abyss gowns go the oh-so-sexy-plunging route.

    Shop | Faviana Cutout $380Faviana Strapphy Halter $385Abyss Pink Halter $70/$230Abyss Red Long Sleeve $70/$260Abyss Black Long Sleeve $75/$240


    Blingy & Attention Grabbing


    • rent-a-dress-faviana-hypnotic-halter-gown-7509-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-hollywood-glamour-dress-5045j-model-32
    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-halter-style-jeweled-nude-gown-1714-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-terani-one-sleeve-wonderland-gown-p0060-model-31

    Tip #2 Shine like the star you are! These dresses catch your eye and won't let go! Pull their attention in with an unconventional silver dress but keep them interested with the amazing cut and silhouette.  Illusion tops create sexy drama without giving away too much and nude fabrics all about sex appeal.

    Shop | Faviana Silver $350Jasz Black $125/$600Jasz Nude Beaded $95/$615Terani One Sleeve $85/$365


    Classy & Sophisticated


    • rent-a-dress-mignon-majestic-sparkle-two-piece-gown--37001-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-mignon-bold-sequin-illusion-gown-vm1487-model-317
    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-unique-cutout-sparkle-evening-dress-5458-model-33

    Tip #3 If you live and breathe for a black dress, stay true to yourself. These gowns are anything but plain regardless of their matte fabric. The lace details and the bare midriff on the two-piece ball gown will make you stand out without stretching your comfort zone too far. Illusion tops and intricate beading really bring a dress up a few notches without compromising converage.

    Shop | Mignon Two Piece $110/$498Mignon Illusion Top $120/$525; Jasz Black Beaded $90/$415




    • rent-a-dress-musani-knock-you-off-your-feet-dress-1790-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-musani-gem-encrusted-gown-ac2180-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-janique-flower-applique-corset-style-evening-1514-model-317

    Tip #4 Couture is King. If you're looking for the highest level of praise, then pull off an amazing pose in an amazing couture gown!  When choosing your gown, it's worth noting that these often come with a lot of extras, be it embellishments or a super long train, but if Rhianna can do it we believe you can too!

    Shop | Musani Nude $185/$1336; Musani Blue $160/$1065; Janique Pink $170/$775


    So with the Grammy's and the Oscars coming up this month...what will be wearing on that Red Carpet?


    Valentine's Day Date Night

    Last updated 11 days ago

    Nothis sexier than a tight little dress when your man is taking you out on the town. Let him show you off in these curve hugging bandage dresses from Sentimental,  Kimikal, Musani and Terani! We're loving the bold colors as well as the prints that take these up one more sexy notch. 

    • bandage dress 1
    • rent-a-dress-sentimental-block-print-bandage-dress-8962-model-3
    • rent-a-dress-sentimental-2-piece-bandage-skirt-set-s665-model-3164
    • rent-a-dress-sentimental-strappy-bandage-dress-s737-model-312
    • rent-a-dress-sentimental-cutout-bandage-dress-4315-model-31

    The most casual in our collection. These fun prints by Sentimental will leave you feeling playful all night! Pair them up with fun accessories and tall shoes!

    Shop Sentimental Here!

    • bandage dress 2
    • rent-a-dress-terani-criss-cross-bandage-dressg-1890-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-terani-glittering-banded-dress-1877-model-31sdf

    The gorgeous beading and bold colors on these cocktail dresses by Terani Couture are the details that make these bandage dresses special. Pair these with metallics for a very special night out.

    Shop Terani: Criss Cross Bandage Dress & Glittering Banded Dress

    • bandage dress 3
    • rent-a-dress-musani-striped-bandage-dress-1834-model-31sdf
    • rent-a-dress-kimikal-glowing-gold-bandage-dress-56568-model-31A
    • rent-a-dress-kimikal-rock-star-dress-98745-model-31asd
    • rent-a-dress-kimikal-exed-out-corset-dress-s4567-model-314

    These glowing little numbers are what we like to call understated sexy. A little bit of coverage and longer length never hurt anyone, and these are just as sultry as your favorite LBD! Pair them with neutrals and more metallics for an evening you won't soon forget!

    Shop Musani's Striped Bandage Dress & Kimikal's Glowing Gold Bandage Dress


    Valentine's Day is coming up soon! Have you picked out a dress yet? 


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    P.S. Valentine's Day Outfits, Gifts & Cards & Fashion Lover Inspo

    More Favorite Prom Gowns

    Last updated 23 days ago

    We've got a lot of new dresses lately but we're still madly in love with our classic looks too! Here are some of our favorite designer dress rentals in every color...


    These bright and fun colors of the rainbow are perfect for a Spring dance!

    • rent-a-dress-shail-k-ace-two-tone-sleeveless-gown--3908-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-nina-canacci-aqua-beaded-sheer-gown-8039-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-terani-blue-butterfly-dress-p1509-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-hourglass-illusion-sparkle-evening-dress-5453-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jovani-red-&-nude-provocatively-gown-1972-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-nika-deep-v-neck-halter-style-evening-gown--9019-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-terani-brightly-sparkling-gown-1951-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-abyss-coco-halter-dress-in-pink-4190p-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-gleaming-crisscross-gown-1939-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-aidan-mattox-jeweled-lemon-gown-054456110-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-alberto-makali-emerald-mermaid-bandage-dress-1915-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-india-open-column-gown-4579-model-311

    If you're thinking of a more classic formal look, check out the neutrals and fun metallics. Or shop the all time favorite black dresses.

    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-halter-style-jeweled-nude-gown-1714-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jasz-couture-glamorous-sparkle-cut-out-4109n-model-323
    • rent-a-dress-shail-k-fluttering-strapless-gown-3902-model-323
    • rent-a-dress-aidan-mattox-bustier-ball-gown-054456020-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-primavera-star-sequin-gown-9468-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jovani-jennifer-dress-1868-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jovani-full-length-elegant-gown-1720-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-jovani-gold-sparkle-mermaid-dress-1853-model-311
    • rent-a-dress-nicole-miller-cutout-back-slip-gown-00527-model-3111

    |Shop this post| Blues Shail K Ace Two-Toned Gown $125/$520; Nina Canacci Aqua Beaded Sheer Gown $100/$420; Terani Blue Butterfly Dress $80/$385; Reds Jovani Red & Nude Provocatively Gown $100/$665; Nika Deep V-Neck Halter Gown $150/$525; Jasz Couture Hourglass Illusion Evening Gown $105/$375; Pinks Terani Brightly Sparkling Gown $80/$485; Abyss Coco Halter Dress $70/$230; Jasz Couture Gleaming Crisscross Gown $95/$458Citrus Aidan Mattox Jeweled Lemon Gown $90/$495; Alberto Makali Emerald Mermaid Bandage Dress $105/$660; Jasz Couture India Open Column Gown $90/$400Nudes Jasz Couture Halter Style Gown $95/$615; Jasz Couture Glamorous Sparkle Cutout Gown $95/$615; Shail K Fluttering Strapless Gown $105/$485; Blacks Primavera Star Sequin Gown $95/$400; Aidan Mattox Bustier Ball Gown $70/$395; Jovani Jennifer Dress $125/$665; Metallics Jovani Gold Sparkle Mermaid $140/$995; Nicole Miller Cutout Slip Gown $165/$1280; Jovani Full Length Elegant Gown $140/$995

    Prom Preview New Arrivals

    Last updated 25 days ago

    We just unboxed a lot of great gowns for this prom season and we can't wait to share them all with you! So many different styles from several of our favorite designers are out on our showroom floor and just added to the online inventory for your shopping pleasure.


    Terani Couture

    • rent-a-dress-terani-one-sleeve-wonderland-gown-p0060-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-terani-crystal-covered-corset-gown-p0036-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-terani-cobalt-sheer-glamour-gown-p0059-model-31

    Terani Couture has done it again...They've created varying silhouettes including these three stunning looks. Plenty of crystals and sequins will keep you sparkling on the dancefloor and their figure flattering fabrics our definitely a crowd favorite.


    Mignon Fashions

    • rent-a-dress-mignon-cosmo-paneled-dress-vm1443-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-mignon-bold-sequin-illusion-gown-vm1487-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-mignon-stunning-cutaway-evening-gown-hy1223-model-313

    Mignon has stepped up their game these season with flirty cutouts and sexy illusion panels.  The fun lines created with color blocking and cutouts make for the best photos and the most fun you'll have dancing!


    Nina Canacci

    • rent-a-dress-nina-canacci-lush-crystal-evening-gown-n1234-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-nina-canacci-enchanting-sleeveless-ball-gown-n1247-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-nina-canacci-dramatic-beaded-cutout-gown-7400-model-313

    Nina has put out some sexy new silhouettes this season, alongside some classic ball gowns, all topped with gorgeous crystal work .  Their slinky skirts are comfortable and alluring and no matter which style you chose, you'll definitely turn heads at your event!


    |Shop this post| Terani One Sleeve Gown $85/$365 ; Terani Crystal Covered Gown $90/$325 ; Terani Cobalt Sheer Gown $110/$495 ; Mignon Cosmo Paneled Gown $75/$350 ; Mignon Sequin Illusion Gown $120/$525 ; Mignon Stunning Cutaway Gown $95/$400 ; Nina Canacci Lush Crystal Gown $110/$435 ; Nina Canacci Enchanting Ball Gown $85/$375 ; Nina Canacci Dramatic Cutout Gown $110/$490


    3 Ways to Keep Warm at a Winter Gala

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Winter is upon us, even in Florida (for now)! Trying to look fabulous and staying warm can go hand in hand if you're willing to take your gown to the next level with layering.  There's always the classic scarf slung over your shoulders or across your arms but sometimes that may look more like an afterthought than an accessory.  Make a statement with these bold choices available at Lending Luxury and stay toasty at your next event!

    What better way to accent a bold gown than with chic leather jacket? Make sure to pick a silhouette that fits you as well as the gown you're covering. Don't take away from a fitted bodice with a baggy jacket and if you're skirt has volume, a cropped cover-up is the way to go.  Wear this sexy jacket all night or shed your layers as your evening heats up!

    • nicole miller Guillermo
    • rent-a-dress-carmen-marc-valvo-metallic-shrug-449-model-31

    Add instant old-hollywood glam to any gown with this voluminous faux-fur shrug! Look like Marilyn Monroe and stay comfy-cozy at your rooftop event! A piece like this works best when you're balancing proportions correctly. This shrug pairs perfectly with a fitted gown, at least through the torso, so as not to add extra "weight" to your top half. If you're rocking a ball gown, opt for a tight fitting shrug to balance the volume of the skirt.

    Add extra flare to any gown with this semi-fitted polished cotton jacket with gold embroidery. Make sure your embellishments compliment or enhance your gown, rather than the tacky mistake of over-accessorizing. We paired this embroidered jacket with a gown that also has an interesting fabric texture, but there are no other colors or patterns for the embroidery to "fight" with. 


    |Shop this post| Mignon Bold Sequin Illusion Gown $120/$525; French Connection Maiden Leather Jacket $60/$468; Nicole Miller Maroon Crinkled Gown $85/$640Guillermo Marabou Shrug $55/$420; Carmen Marc Valvo Metallic Shrug $50/$300Mignon Stunning Cutaway Gown $95/$400; French Connection Iron Eagle Jacket $50/$198


    P.S. 4 January Jackets That You Need & Winter Vacation Outfits


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