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    How to Rent Like an Expert

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Renting a dress is a fun experience and for the most part is quick and easy. While your appointment times are one hour long, it rarely takes someone who comes prepared that long to find their winning dress. However, we have women go over their time every week. We've made an easy checklist to make your appointment more effective and efficient so all you have to worry about is picking up and dropping off the dress of your dreams!

    1. Make an Appointment

                    It's tempting to come in on a Thursday when Lending Luxury is open to the public (11am - 7pm) but trust us when we tell you that if you wait until after 3pm to show up during prom or homecoming season, you will be sitting in line for the dressing rooms and picking over the go back rack looking for leftovers. It is always a much more pleasant experience for the shoppers and the stylists when you schedule a one-on-one appointment. This guarantees your own fitting room reserved just for you and never more than 3 groups shopping at once. So no more fighting over the new arrivals rack or waiting in line.

     2. Preview Online (Create an account & Wish list)

                    Every dress in store is also on the website (with the exclusion of brand new pieces which are usually shot and uploaded pretty quickly) so take a few minutes before your appointment to browse the selections based on dress type and size. Remember that we don't carry every dress in every size, so it's important to filter by the size range you usually fall into. This way you will start to formulate the style you want and the color your craving and now you know we have just the right dress in your size!

    3. Try them on regardless of hanger appeal

                    Some dresses tend to look flat or odd on the hanger, which is why we recommend taking a look online first. We also hang a photo on each hanger so you can see what it looks like in real life. However, the only way to tell is to simply try it on. Our stylists know what each dress looks like on a body and if we think it'll work for you, we'll let you know. We've had tons of women thank us for making them try something on that they would have just skipped right past. Just trust us - it's gorgeous!

    4. Come with a budget and actually look at the price tags

                    While our prices are incredibly reasonable, we do have a few couture pieces in stock that can range from $250-400 rental fee. Our rental fees start at $50 but go up depending on the length, beading, maintenance and designer so not every dress is going to be the same price.  It happens so often that women put on a gown and fall in love with it only to find that it is nowhere near their budget. So please keep in mind what you are willing to spend for your 5 day rental (remember that this includes insurance, dry cleaning and maintenance) and check each price tag before trying things on. Our stylists will guide you in the right direction if you have budget questions!

    5. Bring your shape wear, shoes or strapless bra

                    The most common remarks we hear from the dressing rooms are "I wish I remembered my spanx!" and "I'll be wearing a different bra of course." Everything is going to fit differently when you're wearing shape wear, the right bra, or high heels. The fact is that your posture changes when you wear heels and the girls are held at attention. So save yourself some guess work and bring in your shape wear if you plan on wearing it. If you know you want a strapless gown, don't forget the right bra so we can judge the fit of the bodice correctly. And if you're on the shorter side, bring in your fave shoes. Remember that these are just rental pieces and we are limited on the alterations we can complete on them so you want to find one that already works for your style and body type.

    6. Know your event name and date

                    This may seem pretty straightforward but it happens all the time. You don't know the exact date of the holiday party sometime in late November or the full name of charity event you're attending in January. To reserve a dress we need to know the 5 day range that you'll be keeping it or you can't complete the checkout process online. It is our policy to never rent the same dress to two women going to the same event, so we ask that you fill in the name (or at least the location) of your event in the comment section during checkout. We keep all of these on file so you don't have to worry!


    Now you're ready to maximize your rental shopping experience! The best part about Lending Luxury is that once you've learned your size (or even the specific dresses) that fit you, you can complete the entire process from home!  Have your dress ready for pick up at our showroom or have it shipped directly to you a couple days before your event (and return shipping is always complementary)!

    Do any of our rental veterans have more tips they'd like to share?

    5 Fab Reasons You Should Be Renting

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Have you rented from Lending Luxury yet or are you still browsing? Here are a few good reasons to give you the kick in your cute pants that you need to get with the renting program!

    1.  Closet clutter

                    How many dresses have you bought for weddings, parties and galas that are just piling up in your closet? Why add to the mess? We both know that you're not going to break out that dusty old one shoulder cocktail dress that's maybe even 1 size too small now.  It's a new season and a new you! Styles, sizes and people change, why shouldn't your wardrobe?

    2. Same group, same dress?

                    You just wore that blue dress to your colleague's wedding and now you have that office holiday party coming up...are you really going to wear the same dress in front of the same group of people? That's just not how stylish women like to roll. We want to wow the crowd every time we step out in a new dress, and rentals make that possible! Don't add to your closet clutter (see #1) with all those new dresses when you can easily borrow a brand new dress for a quarter of the retail price!

    3. Try new things!

                    Do you always wear a LBD? Break out of your comfort zone with Lending Luxury's help! We have dresses in every color and silhouette to choose from. We'll help you find a look that you didn't even know you wanted until right now! With new pieces coming in every season, you can keep coming back for more!  Don't know what to wear to your friend's daughter's quinceanera? Check out our Occasions list for help picking the perfect style!

    4. Budget friendly

                    Why spend $500 on that prom dress your daughter is never going to wear again when you can rent the same dress for only $100 AND guarantee that no other girls will be wearing the same thing? Don't keep stocking up on expensive gowns when you can rent designer dresses for a fraction of the retail costs! Stay up on trends without breaking the budget every season by keeping an eye out for our New Arrivals on Facebook and Instagram.

    5. Rock it like a celebrity!

                    We've dressed so many red carpet beauties, why can't you be next? Keep up with who the celebrities are wearing and rock those dresses like you own them! With almost one hundred designers to choose from (and more coming!) you can find that dream dress pictured in Glamour or that cute little dress you saw on the American Idol stage! See who've we've dressed and who's style you'd like to steal on our As Seen On Celebs page and watch for more Lending Luxury sightings on Facebook!

    Holiday Sneak Peak

    Last updated 2 months ago

    You've probably noticed the steady posts of new arrival dresses this past month. It's holiday season and we're getting ready for all those parties, galas and balls that are coming your way! We just wanted to give you a little taste of what's to come from some of our favorite designers like Terani Couture and Mori Lee, but also some brand new names! The holidays are about to get hotter with the addition of Abyss by Abby in our showroom! We'll keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram as they pour in!

    Featured Holiday Party Dresses

    Last updated 2 months ago


    Are you heading off to a holiday themed gala and need a gown asap? We've got designer gowns for rent for just such an occasion. Nicole Miller's Cutout Slip Gown is a wonderful silhouette and perfect golden color for the holidays. Rent it for $165 in size 6 for your next party! More just a little bit of sparkle you could dance in our Aidan Mattox Swirl Shift for a comfortable and fashionable evening. Rent it for just $70 in size 14! Looking for more color? Try Carmen Marc Valvo's One Shoulder Chiffon gown in purple. It fits wonderfully and flows beautifully as you walk. Rent it for $115 in purple in sizes 2, 12 and 16, or red for $120 in sizes 4 and 12.



    Is it time for your annual company cocktail party? There are so many wonderfully beautiful designer cocktail dresses just ready for you to don them.  For a figure flattering but still appropriate bandage dress, try Terani's Glittering Banded dress in beautiful royal blue and sparkling crystals. Rent it for just $85 in sizes 2 and 6 for your next night out! Is it chilly out? Stay warm in this long sleeve and completely beaded Farah Khan Zhang Dress for a little bit of Asian influence.  Rent it for $185 in size 4 for your outdoor cocktail night.  Having a black tie optional event? Stay dressed up in cocktail attire in Aidan Mattox's Black Leather Peplum dress. Rent this ultra-hip dress for just $55 in sizes 0 and 4!



    Out for a good time with your girlfriends to celebrate the wonderful holiday season? We're loving this ABS Olive Mini dress as the perfect party dress. Rent this fun little frock for just $55 in size 6! Want to shake things up tonight? Dance around in Aidan Mattox's One Shoulder Gold Dress and celebrate your love of sequins. Rent it for only $50 in size 8! Do you want a comfy alternative to the cocktail dress? We've got the perfect Tshirt dress for you! Rock our bright red Basix Black Rich & Famous dress to your next night out! Rent it for only $60 in size 2!


    What are you wearing to your party?


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    • rent-a-dress-basix-black-rich-and-fabulous-dress-00144-model-31

    5 Tips on Surviving Your Holiday Party

    Last updated 2 months ago

    It's holiday party season again. Time for friends, families and co-workers together over drinks and mini versions of your fave foods and chat about vacation plans.  Make sure you survive this season without starring in an embarrassing YouTube video or becoming the gossip story of the new year.  We've put together our top 5 tips on making it through your holiday parties without even a scratch.

    1. Don't ditch your diet - When you've got parties popping up every weekend, it no longer becomes a little cheat day or just a few extra calories. Don't ruin everything you've worked so hard for this year by binging on sugary drinks, heavy cakes and salty snacks. These salty, greasy and sugary snacks make you thirstier and you might end up drinking more than you should. Use tiny plates so you physically can't load up with piles of food. Keep moving, mingling and dancing to burn off those holiday calories before they can stick.

    2. Remember, this is not a frat party - You might be best friends with some of your colleagues but the fact remains that this office party is just that, a work event. You're surrounded by your peers, bosses and employees and you need to maintain a professional atmosphere. Give yourself a drink limit of one or two and enjoy them slowly so you can enjoy the entire party. You know how you act when you've had too many shots or after that 3rd cranberry-vodka; don't be that holiday party story that gets circulated until the next year's party.

                    Try this year's fave holiday party drink - The Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail with its vibrant pomegranate juice, sweet grenadine, and chilled, dry sparkling wine combined for the perfect holiday toast!

    3. Is there a dress code? - You might want to ask if it's not expressly written on the invitation. No matter if it's formal, casual or in-between, your dress should be appropriate. Remember, this is a work function and the same rules that apply to your professional wardrobe carry into your holiday attire. Basically, you don't want to show too much skin but you also don't want to look frumpy. Look for flattering silhouettes that also keep the cleavage in check and don't show more leg than you do in the office.

                    For formal parties we've picked out our fave new gown, Terani's Sinuous Halter Gown in Navy. Available in sizes 4 and 10 for only $135!

                    For a more casual setting we've chosen the perfect cocktail dress, Terani's Floral Illusion dress. Available in sizes 2 and 6 for only $105!

    4. Not sure what they're serving? - Either way, eating a small meal beforehand is a good idea. This way your stomach is already full so when you are handed your first cocktail upon entering the party, you aren't automatically tipsy. If the food is served later than you're used to, which is often the case at parties, or if it's just cocktail snacks, you won't be moaning from hunger within the first hour. 

                If you're hosting you just have to serve this year's fave cocktail bite - Creamed Phyllo Spinach Cups turn a beloved side dish into a cute and savory appetizer and are quick and easy to make!

    5. Don't talk shop all night - Are you at a loss for how small talk even works? Just keep the conversations moving without talking only about yourself. Ask open-ended questions about where your colleagues might be spending their holiday time off. Or better yet, ask them where they got their gorgeous dress (and then do a little Lending Luxury name dropping yourself). Remember not to pry into anyone's personal business or participate in any topics that might be controversial or offensive. Remember, religion and politics are always off-limits! Just be friendly and when you're done with all the chit chat, make a gracious exit and thank your host. Easy as pumpkin pie.

    Do you have any great survival tips you want to share?

    Stay tuned for some great Holiday Party inspired new arrivals in our showroom!



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