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    Prom Preview New Arrivals

    Last updated 9 months ago

    We just unboxed a lot of great gowns for this prom season and we can't wait to share them all with you! So many different styles from several of our favorite designers are out on our showroom floor and just added to the online inventory for your shopping pleasure.


    Terani Couture

    • rent-a-dress-terani-one-sleeve-wonderland-gown-p0060-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-terani-crystal-covered-corset-gown-p0036-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-terani-cobalt-sheer-glamour-gown-p0059-model-31

    Terani Couture has done it again...They've created varying silhouettes including these three stunning looks. Plenty of crystals and sequins will keep you sparkling on the dancefloor and their figure flattering fabrics our definitely a crowd favorite.


    Mignon Fashions

    • rent-a-dress-mignon-cosmo-paneled-dress-vm1443-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-mignon-bold-sequin-illusion-gown-vm1487-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-mignon-stunning-cutaway-evening-gown-hy1223-model-313

    Mignon has stepped up their game these season with flirty cutouts and sexy illusion panels.  The fun lines created with color blocking and cutouts make for the best photos and the most fun you'll have dancing!


    Nina Canacci

    • rent-a-dress-nina-canacci-lush-crystal-evening-gown-n1234-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-nina-canacci-enchanting-sleeveless-ball-gown-n1247-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-nina-canacci-dramatic-beaded-cutout-gown-7400-model-313

    Nina has put out some sexy new silhouettes this season, alongside some classic ball gowns, all topped with gorgeous crystal work .  Their slinky skirts are comfortable and alluring and no matter which style you chose, you'll definitely turn heads at your event!


    |Shop this post| Terani One Sleeve Gown $85/$365 ; Terani Crystal Covered Gown $90/$325 ; Terani Cobalt Sheer Gown $110/$495 ; Mignon Cosmo Paneled Gown $75/$350 ; Mignon Sequin Illusion Gown $120/$525 ; Mignon Stunning Cutaway Gown $95/$400 ; Nina Canacci Lush Crystal Gown $110/$435 ; Nina Canacci Enchanting Ball Gown $85/$375 ; Nina Canacci Dramatic Cutout Gown $110/$490


    3 Ways to Keep Warm at a Winter Gala

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Winter is upon us, even in Florida (for now)! Trying to look fabulous and staying warm can go hand in hand if you're willing to take your gown to the next level with layering.  There's always the classic scarf slung over your shoulders or across your arms but sometimes that may look more like an afterthought than an accessory.  Make a statement with these bold choices available at Lending Luxury and stay toasty at your next event!

    What better way to accent a bold gown than with chic leather jacket? Make sure to pick a silhouette that fits you as well as the gown you're covering. Don't take away from a fitted bodice with a baggy jacket and if you're skirt has volume, a cropped cover-up is the way to go.  Wear this sexy jacket all night or shed your layers as your evening heats up!

    • nicole miller Guillermo
    • rent-a-dress-carmen-marc-valvo-metallic-shrug-449-model-31

    Add instant old-hollywood glam to any gown with this voluminous faux-fur shrug! Look like Marilyn Monroe and stay comfy-cozy at your rooftop event! A piece like this works best when you're balancing proportions correctly. This shrug pairs perfectly with a fitted gown, at least through the torso, so as not to add extra "weight" to your top half. If you're rocking a ball gown, opt for a tight fitting shrug to balance the volume of the skirt.

    Add extra flare to any gown with this semi-fitted polished cotton jacket with gold embroidery. Make sure your embellishments compliment or enhance your gown, rather than the tacky mistake of over-accessorizing. We paired this embroidered jacket with a gown that also has an interesting fabric texture, but there are no other colors or patterns for the embroidery to "fight" with. 


    |Shop this post| Mignon Bold Sequin Illusion Gown $120/$525; French Connection Maiden Leather Jacket $60/$468; Nicole Miller Maroon Crinkled Gown $85/$640Guillermo Marabou Shrug $55/$420; Carmen Marc Valvo Metallic Shrug $50/$300Mignon Stunning Cutaway Gown $95/$400; French Connection Iron Eagle Jacket $50/$198


    P.S. 4 January Jackets That You Need & Winter Vacation Outfits


    Pageant Interview Dresses

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Your interview outfit is the first time the panel of judges has a chance to get to know you. You're displaying your beauty and knowledge thorughout the entire event but now is the time to show them how serious you are about this competition. 

    Each circuit has their own traditions and rules about what should be worn but keep in mind that trends often change. Right now, for instance, the business-like suit that was once considered a requirement is on its way out and being replaced by fun and sometimes flirty cocktail dresses.

    • rent-a-dress-yoana-baraschi-sky-surfer-body-dress-506-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-jovani-strapless-jewel-bandage-dress-20879a-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-terani-glittering-banded-dress-1877-model-316
    • rent-a-dress-maria-bianca-nero-abby-dress-668-model-31

    It's important to keep in mind the overall attitude you're trying to convey. While you probably don't want to come off as overly sexy, you do want to feel confident and feminine in your interview. What better way than to choose a fitted silhouette! Show off your curves in the most appropriate way. Remember this quote when shopping: 

    Your dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to show you're a lady! (Edith Head)

    • rent-a-dress-carmen-marc-valvo-two-tone-beaded-strapless-knit-dress-446-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-herve-leger-studded-dress-00765-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-basix-black-beaded-dress-0014-model-31

    It's also worth noting that pencil skirts are the perfect compromise for finding a balance between sexy and ladylike. While the top may be fitted, the skirt is long enough to cover everything while still accentuating your curves in the most appropriate manner.

    • rent-a-dress-cynthia-steffe-orange-flower-dress-00569-model-314
    • rent-a-dress-terani-floral-illusion-cocktail-dress-c3701-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-aidan-mattox-sweet-flower-dress-151a92790-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-carmen-marc-valvo-brocade-dress-0044-model-31

    Many girls create a 'theme' using the colors of their gown, swimsuit and interview dress. That way the judge remembers each part of the process and associates that color with that contestant.  We often have women come in looking for specific colors to fit into their scheme, which is a wonderful way to show how serious you take the competition as well as your sense of fashion.

    • rent-a-dress-sentimental-block-print-bandage-dress-8962-model-315
    • rent-a-dress-musani-striped-bandage-dress-1834-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-nicole-miller-ocean-current-combo-dress-00190-model-31

    Don't forget to have fun with your wardrobe and pick someone that exemplifies who you are, not only as a contestant but as a person. If you find a fun print for your interview dress, rock it. It may be the risk you take that gets you ahead! Push the limit as far as you're comfortable without making anyone else uncomfortable and you'll find that you may have just started the new trend in interview fashion!


    |Shop this post| Yoana Baraschi Blue & Black Dress $50/$330; Jovani Blue Bandage Dress $85/$525; Terani Blue & Silver Bandage Dress $85/$525; Maria Bianca Nero Blue Cutout Dress $50/$275; Carmen Marc Valvo Black & Silver Bandage Dress $90/$680; Herve Ledger Brown Bandage Dress $350/$5500; Basix Black Black & Blue Beaded Dress $55/$430Cynthia Steffe Orange Dress $50/$255; Terani Red Floral Dress $105/$572; Aidan Mattox Pink Flower Dress $65/$295; Carmen Marc Valvo Pink Brocade Dress $70/$656; Sentimental NY Black & White Bandage Dress $50/$195; Musani Nud & Black Bandage Dress $80/$545; Nicole Miller Black & Green Print Dress $50/$385.


    P.S. 5 Tips For Your Best Pageant Gown & How To Find a Fabulous Dress For Ever Occasion


    Picking Your Pageant Gown

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Picking your pageant dress is possibly the most important step leading up to the actual event.  You want a gown that will accentuate you as a woman. Show off your personality and your best assets in the most feminine way.  We'll help you get the dress you've been dreaming of and make sure it fits the rules AND traditions of the event.  Even if you can't shop with us in the Lending Luxury showroom, we've put together a Top 5 list of tips to help you find the perfect look.  

    And as an added tip...remember your budget! This gown will be heavily photographed AND you'll only be in it for a few hours. You don't want to skimp on quality but you don't want to blow your hair and travel money on it either.  Lending Luxury offers designer dress rentals (and purchases so you can tailor them to fit you perfectly if needed) for occasions just like this!

    1. Convey the right message

    As we've seen on shows like 'What Not To Wear' your personality and attitude can easily be interpreted through your style. Make sure to choose a dress that represents YOU. If you are little on the shy side, choose a dress that is light and girlie, don't try to seem comfortable in something too sexy.  The judges can always tell when you're comfortable in your own skin AND dress! That goes both ways; if you've got a very confident and flamboyant personality then by all means, rock that flashy gown!

    2.  Choose a solid color

    Now is not the time to experiment with prints. You want to be center of attention, not just the dress.  Choose a fabric that is all one color (or monochromatic) with the beads and stones complimenting that color.  This doesn't mean you'll end up with a 'plain' dress! Look for a dress in a bold color or one with beads in the same color family, such as dark green sequins on a medium green fabric.

    3. Draw the eye upwards

    Remember that the judges are already sitting at your feet so keep the bottom of gown simple, forcing them to look up.  The waistline should also be simple; don't stop their eyes at a blingy belt.  Stones and trims should be close to your face so the judges don't forget WHO was wearing that gorgeous gown!

    4. Make yourself look taller

    Here are a few easy tricks to making yourself look taller, other than wearing 5" heels.  Forgo the slit no matter how easy they make it to walk or how badly you want to show off those legs.  The slit is just another resting point for the judges eyes, cutting you off at the thigh.  Again, keep your waist simple and free of contrasting embellishments so their eyes continue upwards.  And finally, choose a dress with either a one-shoulder or halter neckline. These draw the eyes up and make you appear longer.

    5. Never wear the same dress as someone else!

    At Lending Luxury we keep records of where each dress rental is going and we NEVER let two women show up to an event in the same dress!  Just fill out your event name and/or location before you place your order and we'll make sure you won't have any copy cats from our store. 


    |Shop this post| Coral Faviana Sweeheart Gown $378; Red Faviana Sequin Trim Gown $390; Aqua nina Canacci Beaded Gown $100/$420; Purple Carmen Marc Valvo One Shoulder Gown $115/$890; Royal Blue Janique Lace Gown $115/$485


    P.S. 5 Reasons You Should Be Renting & 4 Tips For Accessorizing Your High End Couture Dress

    8 Holiday Party Prep Pointers

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Are you hosting the annual party this time around? We've got our best pointers to help get you through it!

    1. Check off your chores. Create a plan of attack for the week, instead of the day before! Work your way through one room a day, starting with the least used working your way to the kitchen.

    2. stock the bathroom.  Make sure your bathroom is stocked full of toilet paper so you don't leave any guests stranded! Also, make sure your guests have hand towels.

    3. . Have stain remover at the ready.  Grab a bottle of Wine Away, Oxy Clean, CR2 Red Remover, or another red wine-strength cleaner just in case.

    4. Have a coat room or closet ready. Have an areas for placing coats, purses and umbrellas before guests come so you're not scrambling to make room.


    5. . Get the food prep out of the way.  Do as much of the cooking ahead of time as you can so you aren't stuck in the kitchen.

    6. Rearrange your furniture for good flow.  But don't forget those guests that may want to sit for a minute (6-inch heels can tax even the poshest partygoer). 

    7. Light the candles. Use scented candles near entries but unscented near the food. You don't want to overpower the gorgeous food aromas.

    8. Set the mood. Decide on a festive playlist or let a music channel do it for you.  background music makes everyone more comfortable and ready to mingle.

    Most importantly! Figure out what you're going to wear well in advance so you're not scrambling to get ready as your guests are arrving! Stop by Lending Luxury for an excellent choice of cocktail & formal holiday dresses for rent! And remember...Have a Happy Holiday!


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