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    Royalty Wears Tulle

    Last updated 9 months ago

    A brief history: Tulle is a lightweight, very fine netting, often made of silk, nylon and rayon.  It is most commonly used for veils, gowns and ballet tutus.  Named after a city in southern France, which was the center of lace and silk production in the 18th century, however most tulle used today is based on a British design invented in the 19th century.

    Often used to give shape and fullness to a gown by being attached underneath as a petticoat, we are seeing the emergence of tulle as the main skirt fabric.  It's not just for tutus anymore! The rise of the tulle skirt as part of a two-piece outfit began just a few season ago and it is gaining popularity in the formal wear world as well. No longer seen as a little girl's dress, these designer peices are feminine and whimsical but can also have a hint of sex appeal if the bodice is done just right.

    For our favorite tulle creations all lined up together, visit our Tulle Board!

    Designers such as Terani Couture, Clarisse and Jovani have been bringing us such gorgeous versions of these tutu-inspired party dresses for years. We're falling in love quickly with the bright colors and amazing ways they are adorning the bodices to make their dress stand out!

    It's not just the cocktail dresses that are getting all the attention. The classic silhouette of the ballgown has been reliant on the layers of tulle hidden beneath, but now we're bringing that gorgeous, silky fabric to the forefront! It's also giving new dimiension to trumpet and mermaid skirts, baring the tulle at the bottom as if it were an embellishment in itself! These dresses aren't afraid to show you what they're made of and the simplicity of the skirt is often what makes the dress so beautiful.

    Are you sold on the regal full skirts? 


    P.S. Homecoming Trend: Full Skirts & Get Your Tutu On

    Choosing Your Homecoming Style

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Choosing your homecoming dress is the first step in kicking off the new school year with your best girlfriends and making memories that you'll be talking about for a lifetime.  Picking the best dress for you depends on your personal style and which silhouette you're looking to rock. We've narrowed down a few of our most popular homecoming dress styles to help you with this big decision!

    Be sure to check our Designer Homecoming Board to see our newest gorgeous dress rentals! Tell us your favorite and which designer you're wearing on the dance floor!


    The Little Black Dress

    • rent-a-dress-jovani-beaded-lace-bandage-dress-20878-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-jovani-one-shoulder-sparkle-dress-20404-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-clarisse-chic-sweetheart-cutout-dress-2695-model-31

    Jovani's Beaded Lace Bandage Dress

    No matter the event, it's tough to beat out the Little Black Dress! It's simplicity is balanced by how absolutely chic you'll look in a perfectly fitted LBD.  Whether it's a bodycon bandage dress or a flirty little a-line, you can't argue with the allure of this classic look.

    Also check out Jovani's One Shoulder Sparkle Dress and Clarisse's Chic Sweetheat Cutout Dress for more sexy LBD styles!


    The Party Dress

    • rent-a-dress-terani-beaded-sweetheart-tulle-dress-p0009-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-faviana-leather-illusion-cocktail-dress-s7671-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-shimmer-midnight-tulle-dress-p0315-model-31

    Terani's Beaded Sweetheart Tulle Dress

    Looking for a classic, but mostly fun little dress? These party dresses have the sweetest silhouettes of all with their a-line to full tulle skirts and incredibly adorned bodices. Act like the princess that you are, dance the night away, and pose perfectly in every picture with the help of these amped up skirts!

    It's not always about tulle, check our our new Faviana Leather Illusion Dress for a fun take on this silhouette or keep it classic with Shimmer's Midnight Tulle Dress!


    The Cocktail Dress

    • rent-a-dress-clarisse-iridescent-crystal-cocktail-dress--2690n-model-313
    • rent-a-dress-jovani-gunmetal-halter-dress-20398-model-31
    • rent-a-dress-faviana-pendant-sequin-cocktail-dress-7658-model-31

    Clarisse's Iridescent Crystal Cocktail Dress

    If glitter is what you're looking for, these classy and sassy cocktail dresses are the way to go for you. With a more fitted silhouette, these mini dresses flatter all sorts of curves and enhance exactly what you want them to with a little bit of extra sparkle! Possibly the most popular choice each homecoming season because there are so many ways to wear them.

    For more classic cocktail silhouettes check out Jovani's Gunmetal Halter Dress and Faviana's Pendant Sequin Cocktail Dress!



    P.S. Advantages of Renting Your Homecoming Dress & How to Add Accessories to a Black Evening Dress

    Making an Entrance

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Everyone dreams of making an entrance worthy of Britney Spears or to own the room like Beyonce. Stop worrying that you'll fall down those stairs and take these nuggets of advice to heart. Whether you're stepping into your first Homecoming Dance or your fifth Military Ball, these applicable tips will boost your confidence so you can enter any event like the star you are! (photo:


    1. Do NOT be fashionably late!

    Consistently showing up more than 15 minutes late to events is not going to get you the attention that you want. You're more likely to be seen as irresponsible and flaky instead of alluringly mysterious. You can still get the attention you crave, and deserve by greeting the guests that arrive later than you with your beautiful smile as they enter and scan the room. (Photo: Getty Images)


    2. Enter and...Pause...

    According to our etiquette research, the proper way to make that grand and beautiful entrance is to first, walk in slowly then step to the right to greet your host and to not block the door. Then pause...and smile as you scan the room.  

    Everyone watches the entrance and this very confident move will get you noticed right away! (Photo: Janique)


    3. Always look glad to be there!


    Everyone wants to find the most interesting personality at the party. Instantly click with every guest you meet simply by smiling! Happy people are easier to approach and you'll find more friends with fun conversation and laughter than you will with a scowl and a sarcastic remark about the flat champagne punch. (Photo: Nina Canacci)

    4. It's all about the body language.

    Think about it. The impression you leave is not solely based on the beautiful gown you rented (and don't be afraid to brag about that!) but people will also remember the look on your face when you entered the party (stressed, excited, nervous, etc). Watch your body language throughout the night so as not to ruin the grand entrance you just made mere minutes ago. If your arms are crossed or your head is bowed, you look completely closed off to your fellow party goers and aren't likely to have many conversations or be asked to dance. If you are having a good time then those around you will also have a good time. Remember - smiling is contageous! (Photo: Jasz Couture)


    Making the perfect entrance isn't just about those few fleeting seconds just inside the door, it's about keeping that confident attitude and having a great time at your event. You're dressed to the nine's and feeling good and everyone who catches a glimpse of you is probably now dying to meet you!


    P.S. How to Rent Like an Expert & Trying New Styles

    The Big Homecoming Dress Sale

    Last updated 10 months ago

    We're clearing out our tried and true inventory to make room for some gorgeously glittering new pieces! If you're still looking for a Homecoming dress and don't want to break your budget, now's your chance to get your dream dress for up to 70% off the retail price!

    Not only do you get to shop through our collection of cocktail and party dresses, but our designer shoes are also going to be marked down 50%! Every shopper gets a sweet swag bag filled with gifts and mystery prizes! So many reasons to stop by, how could you miss it!?

    Join us Saturday, September 12th, from 11am to 3pm and check out the amazing sale prices and get a glimpse at some of our new arrivals ready to be your next favorite rental!

    RSVP and mark your calendars with our Facebook Event!

    What We Do And Why We Love It

    Last updated 10 months ago

    We've been seeing a lot of new faces in our showroom and there's nothing we love more than turning those new faces into lovely regulars! We probably have as much fun dressing you in sequins as you do playing dress up in our designer gowns! So for all those new, gorgeous faces out there, here is an overview on what we do at Lending Luxury and why...

    Sarah Jon Porreca and Jennifer Rosen were born and raised in Tampa, Fl, where they shared a mutual love for fashion as well as fitness. In 2003, they met at a fitness competition where they both realized they had much more in common than just reading fashion and fitness magazines; they soon discovered their shared passion to be fashion entrepreneurs! In 2009, Sarah Jon & Jennifer overheard fitness models competing in the Tri Fitness Challenge that took place in Vegas complaining that they wanted to look like a million bucks but just couldn’t afford it. A light went off in Sarah’s head as she imagined having the ultimate opportunity to rent the high couture dresses you would only dream of wearing at the fraction of the cost…and soon Lending Luxury was born!

    They are excited to bring the world this luxurious concept of making fashion dreams come true. You will no longer have to skim through your favorite fashion magazines and wonder where you can get that dress or how you could ever afford it because here at Lending Luxury we turn your imagination into reality.

    At Lending Luxury, Inc. we provide a unique fashion experience that allows you to rent exquisite high fashion dresses in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your individuality. At Lending Luxury, we are continuously updating our looks to keep pace with the latest fashion trends throughout the world. Not only do we provide rentals of high quality brands, but we also offer the option to purchase these chic items at extremely affordable prices. At Lending Luxury we are here to turn your imagination into reality as we give you the ability to rent or buy from worldwide designers on a regular basis with the click of a mouse.

    There are 3 easy steps to renting:

    1. Pick Your Look : Browse through our vast inventory of gorgeous dresses from our 100+ designers. Online you can filter by designer, length, color, size and price! There are designer-specific size charts for each dress to help you choose the right one and the availability is always shown on the interactive calendar! In our Tampa Showroom everything is laid out by size, style and color for easy shopping.  Try on as many dresses as you like during your one-hour exclusive appointment until you find that perfect one! Choose your pick-up date and pay to reserve your dress up to a year in advance or take it with you if you need it right away! Your rental fee includes 5, 10 or 15 days, dry cleaning and insurance!

    2. Wear It Like You Own It : Rock that dress girl, you deserve it! Don't forget to take some photos and share your best one with us for future discounts! We love to see you having a good time! Post your photos to our Facebook Page, tag us on Instagram, or email your photo to!

    3. Return It : Don't clutter up your closet with a dress you'll only ever wear one! Send your rental back on your due date. You can either return it to the store via drop box or mail it back in the original package with the enclosed FREE return shipping label! We dry clean it and make any necessary repairs due to normal wear and tear so you don't have a think to worry about once your event is over! 

    That's easy! We love fashion! There's nothing more satisfying than dressing a customer in something they wouldn't normally have chosen for themselves and have them fall in love with the look instantly! Our stylists have an eye for what flatters and will help you shop for that perfect dress in your favorite color that matches your comfy heels. We get all giddy like Christmas morning when a new shipment arrives, especially when it's a brand new designer to us! Keep your eyes on our Instagram as we post these new arrivals the very same day we unpack them!

    It's always a good time in our showroom so come shop with us if you're in the area! 


    P.S. 5 Reasons You Should Be Renting & How To Rent Like An Expert

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