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    7 Prom Pic Tips & Inspo

    Last updated 11 months ago

    Once you figure out what you're wearing and how you're doing your hair, it's time to start practicing those poses girl! Here are some photo tips and some great examples for your big night!


    Prom Photography Tips

    1. Choose a better background - You don't want your closet and overflowing dresser behind you when you take these life-long photos, do you? Choose a space that is clutter-free and classic, like a garden or a well decorated foyer wall. If you're having a pre-prom party at your place, create a fun background before everyone gets there so you know you have the perfect spot!

    2. Step up - Make sure you are a few feet away from your background so the image doesn't look flat. The depth gives your photo dimension as well as some really great light and shadows to work with.

    3. Stabilize the shot - If you have a tripod, use it! The worst way to hold the camera is with both hands out in front of you. The camera will almost certainly move during the shot.

    4. Vary the angle - Make sure you get each girl's dress in full as well as from waist up for some classic shots. Shoot from above for a dreamy look or from one side if you're posing in a line for drama.

    5. Get creative with the poses - Once you get the requisite couple shots and whatnot, thwo in some fun ones with the group! Have everyone jump up at the same time or get some big laughs and smiles in there. No doubt some or all of you will be nervous about being dressed up and posing in front of all those parents and these candid shots really help loosen you up.

    6. Take some selfies - You know how to perfectly capture how great you look so grab a few selfies before you head out to the dance to up your confidence!

    7. Take your time - Don't rush the photos or all you'll end up with are hurried poses and fake smiles. Make this part fun with the creative poses we mentioned above and you'll get the perfect shot every time!


    Prom Pose Inspo

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    Hope that helps! We want your big night to be as fun as possible! 


    P.S.  Prom Pic Poses & Prom Hairstyle DIY

    Our Favorite Prom Pics

    Last updated 11 months ago

    We've received a lot of prom photos from our happy customers and we just wanted to share a few favorites with you in hopes to inspire your great night! If you see yourself, leave a comment for a surprise!

    Remember when you send us your photos or post to Facebook and Instagram, you get rewards!

    • justine chavez
    • arianna
    • 10170713_749959658389049_1100255347_n
    • 10170892_754822954569386_5929592447350283874_n
    • 1484449_10205891284350989_8061375279779042866_n
    • prom fashion show
    • facebook collage 4
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    • 10153206_316954841785524_4801302598563231272_n
    • 10171666_694676087240182_4408332206348144575_n
    • 10157380_10201955745237459_4179741946880352356_n
    • 1377247_10200924058744324_572644476360839121_n
    • 10001437_703555766352352_3193937975845359577_n
    • 10155524_873699092655545_9142578273264775705_n
    • 10252024_10203049827540717_9130012381796564527_n
    • 10440785_10152274157292633_1934138092333757393_n
    • 10599306_10203761168564920_2000709096492051684_n

    How to Style a Cocoon Sweater

    Last updated 11 months ago

    You know those super, ultra cozy sweaters that just wrap around you like a warm bear hug? We've loved cocoon sweaters and cardigans for a few seasons now and it's not looking like we're letting them go any time soon! If you have a few sitting in your closet but you're still not sure exactly how to wear them, we've got a few inspo pictures from Pinterest to help you out. 


    What's a Cocoon Sweater? These sweaters are usually chunky; it's what allows them to keep their cocoon shape. You can spot them easily by their rounded hem that wraps around the curve of your body instead of just hanging there. They come in cardigan form or as oversized pullovers where the back may be longer than the back. 


    Why Would I Want One? Girl, let me tell you that these are the comfiest garment you'll ever wear. You'll want to layer it on every outfit you put on from now on! They're cozy and if done right, super chic!

    How do I Wear it? Since the sweater or cardigan themselves are so loose or oversized, I recommend making the rest of your outfit pretty fitted so you don't look like you just rolled out of bed. Most of our photo examples involve skinny jeans or leggings. This balances out the volume of the sweater. 

    Layering. These give us a great opportunity to layer for some extra color and textures so you're not just in jeans and a pullover. Layer a sheer blouse underneath and let some girly softness to peak out from under the hem. Or try the rolled up sleeves with a chambray button up underneath. And my personal favorite, throw some sequins under that cardigan girl!

    It's hard to go wrong with such lovely sweaters! Just keep it balanced and accessorize. Pull the outfit together with an effortless hair style and some comfy boots!


    P.S. Lazy Day Dressing + Styled: One Dress Two Ways

    Great Glamour and Why It's Perfect For Prom

    Last updated 11 months ago

    This year all the neckline trends, new silhouettes and gorgeous beading make up the sum of the Great Glamour Movement in Prom Styles!

    ((Pin for later))

    We see all these new trends come out but rarely do they relate to one another; Cut out sides on this one, long sleeves over here and a peplum skirt attached to that one. This year however, there seems to be revival of Hollywood style glamor that the girls can't get enough of. These bold colors, bright sparkles and beautifully draped fabrics are perfect for the red carpet and, as luck would have it, prom night!


    • l87a6435
    • jasz-2015s-5337-006811
    • jasz-2015s-5458-02301
    • jasz-2015s-5462-0238_3_1

    Jasz Couture is the perfect example of the Great Glamour Movement. They are always ahead of the game in beading and sexy silhouettes but it all just comes together as if the collection was meant to be worn by one group of girls going to the same after party. There are high-necks, two pieces and a whole new group of what can only be described as rhinestone armor, but they all positively scream GLAMOROUS! 


    • l87a6361
    • l87a6393_3
    • l87a6217_3

    Nina Canacci, who is brand new to our showroom, seems to have a good grasp on what's going on as well. Her slinky skirts combined with elaborate bodices are paparazi-perfect! Her gowns definitely shine, not to mention they are extreme comfy on top of being completely chic.


    • e3758-by-terani-couture-evening2
    • 864_e3757_62
    • 337_e21182

    Terani Couture seems to always be steeped in glamor and distinction and this season is no different. These gorgeous black gowns all possess the power to transform you into the leading lady. Everywhere you walk will seem like the red carpet, because that gown you're wearing is flawlessly designed, impeccably made and can't help but be worn without glamor just pumping through your veins!


    • l87a7059
    • nika-8010-32

    Primavera and Nika are two more designers that have things figured out. While Primavera continues with their tried and true "put sequins on everything" strategy, we are loving the new silhouettes they are sending us. These high slits are perfect for red carpet posing and there isn't anything much sexier than an open back. Nika is another designer brand new to our showroom but we are simply in love with their to-die-for designs. If this nude and lace gown isn't the epitome of Great Glamour then I just don't know what is. With hints of couture and dashes of high fashion, this simple gown skyrockets to the top of our glamor-meter!

    We've got a few more new designers that we're adding to the list and we can't wait for you to meet them and their gorgeous creations!

    So what are you wearing this year? 


    P.S. Prepare for Prom & Dressing Like the Stars 


    Sequin Lovers Inspo

    Last updated 11 months ago

    We love our sequins and glitter at Lending Luxury. That is a fact. To help you on your journey to becoming a sequin lover like us, we've created a Board to inspire you! Enjoy! 

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