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    Hot Weather Gala Survival Guide

    Last updated 1 year ago

    It's only getting warmer but you keep getting invitations to fundraisers and parties! What's a girl to wear when it's still sweltering hot and humid even after sundown? There are a few easy ways to make sure you're as cool as can be during these hot nights out!

    1. Pick Lighter Fabrics!

    This doesn't necessarily mean lighter color since most galas are in the evening and indoors. However, if you find yourself partying outside, make sure to avoid black or near-black colors or you might feel like you're trapped in a chic oven. What we mean here is, choose fabrics that are airy and flowing. Don't go for taffeta as it will just end up stuck to you at the end of the night. Chiffon is your best friend and jersey comes in a close second!

    2. Ditch The Layers!

    If you're trying to stay cool, don't pick a gown with layers of tulle under a full polyester skirt. Opt for dresses with a maximum of two layers: silky lining and a lightweight fabric over it.  If possible, go for a jersey skirt because those are rarely lined! The more layers, the more insulation you have trapping your natural body heat and not allowing any sort of necessary ventilation. Trust us, the less fabric, the better you'll feel!

    3. Comfort Above All Else!

    Normally, women have no problem suffering for fashion, but during these super hot summer night, we're advocating Comfort First! It's not impossible to find a gown that's also comfy! This Badgley Mischka gown in cream is one of our most popular dresses. It is light weight, stretchy, gorgeous and looks amazing on every single woman that I have seen try it on! This is the ultimate summer gala gown and it will flatter your figure while keeping you cool!

    For more of our designer dress rentals that are perfect for beating the heat, check out our Summer Nights board!

    What are you wearing this season?


    P.S. It's All in the Details & Summer Dresses in Summer Colors

    The Great Summer Kickoff

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Welcome to the first week of summer! Or as us Floridians like to refer to it, the middle of summer. It's super hot and you're planning those beach getaways, cruises and summer vaca's like a pro! We're here to help you pick out some perfect designer pieces to compliment your trip...

    Beach Birthday Party!

    Perfect for running bacand forth from the patio to the pool to the dunes. This  chic silk dress by Meghan Fabulous is light and flowy and makes a spectacular bikini cover up!

    First Friday Block Party!

    There's nothing we love more than throwing on a comfy romper that's structured enough to look put together but also pretty casual and, most importantly, cool. Don't over do it in this heat, grab this gorgeous romper by Robert Rodriguez and think of it as a one-stop outfit!

    Beach Wedding!

    It's hot out there but you don't have to sacrifice looking cute because of the humidity! Rent a light weight but prettily embellished tank dress like this sweet little frock from Badgley Mischka and look perfectly beachy throughout the whole ceremony!

    For more ideas on what to wear to a friend's wedding, check out our Wedding Guest page!

    Cruise Night Out!

    Heading over to the bar under the stars with your man to kick start your 7-night cruise? Stay comfy but don't you dare give up that sex appeal! This fluttering halter dress from Robert Rodriguez is completely girly but with hints of lingerie inspiration!

    For more ideas on what to wear while cruising your summer away, check out our Casual Cruise Wear page!

    Captain's Dinner!

    Need a gown that will stand being packed, isn't too over the top but will get a couple double takes during your cruise's formal dinner? This Shimmer halter dress is the perfect seafoam color with flits of metallic gold to keep your date on their toes all night!

    Want more gown ideas? Check out our Dressy Cruise Wear page!

    Do you need one more reason to rent a dress this summer? We'll gladly give you all the reasons you can stand to listen to, but how about a coupon instead! For a limited time, use coupon code Summer2015 to get 15% off any order! Offer valid through July 15, 2015.


    P.S. Cruisin' & Sunny Side Up

    Fashion Fixes | Hem Tape Review

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Hollywood Fashion Tape® Hem Tape

    These double-sided sticky hem strips help us create wardrobe magic. Whether we’re trying to shorten lengthy jeans or turn a floor-sweeping skirt into a calf-grazer, these strips bond seamlessly with fabric to make temporary hems that stay in place all day. Each pack comes with 18 strips, enough for several uses on small peices like pants or one use on a formal gown.

    Lending Luxury recommends this product to most of our customers as a good portion of our dresses come in super-model-length. Although we do cut the extra long ones, we can’t go too far. After all you can always shorter a dress but it’s pretty hard to add length for our taller customers. These hem tape strips come in handy and are super easy to use when you don’t want your skirt dragging all night. 

    Here’s how it works:

    1.     Try on gown with shoes to determine desired length

    2.     Use a pin to mark the length, remove gown and turn inside out

    3.     Peel the liner from one side of the tape

    4.     Press the tape firmly to your fabric

    5.     Remove the other liner

    6.     Fold the hem up and secure tape by pressing firmly. DO NOT IRON.

    7.     Repeat every few inches around hem.

    8.     Turn gown right side out and wear


    Here are some real customer reviews:

    Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape can be purchased from Lending Luxury under the Fashion Fixes Section. Our customers use it every prom season and this stuff really holds up! We love this product and we know you will too!

    8 Fixable Fashion Mistakes

    Last updated 1 year ago

    We're all guilty of at least a few of these mishaps. Think of them as a journey to fashion know-how; Something everyone has to get past these hurdles of misunderstandings to reach that ultra-chic level.  Luckily we've got a few tid bits of info to help get over these fixable fashion mistakes.


    1. You're not accessorizing enough.

    There's nothing worse than an outfit that falls flat due to lack of accessories.  It may seem daunting at first, but throwing on a cooridinating (not matching) pair of earrings and necklace will really boost any look! Make sure you bag and shoes go with the color and the style you are portraying. If you're going for cocktail-casual, tennis shoes are probably not appropriate. To make it easy to accessorize, store your silver and gold jewelry separately. Have a go-to statement necklace and don't overload your jewelry box with too many trendy peices that you might not be reaching for next year.


    2. You're not dressing for the season.

    Are you wearing a heavy velvet skirt in June? Are you rocking pastels in November? If you answered yes, then you are absolutely guilty of dressing out of season.  Think about light floral prints and the feeling they evoke: sunny days and cool drinks. Lightweight fabrics, light and bright colors and even certain silhouettes are most appropriate for the warmer months. Keep your boots, leather trims and jewel tones for the cooler parts of the year when they make more sense. If you need help figuring out what's right for the season, check out Pinterest for Spring Trends and Winter Wear until you've got the hang of it.


    3. You think looser clothing flatters plus-size figures.

    Whether this started as a myth or just out of pure comfort reasons, curvier women have been hiding under larger layers rather than flaunting what their mama gave them. Sure we understand you don't want to emphasize the parts that you're not comfortable with, we all have body issues, but you need to learn what styles help play up the parts we love as well. If you wear a top is fitted (this does not equal skin tight!) then you're going to be able to eccentuate the smallest part of your waist, just under the bust. You'll be giving yourself a shape that is not a rectangular T-shirt. Next try on a pair of skinny or boot cut jeans. I can't even remember why I ever wore bottoms that didn't show off my, well, bottom, better than a nice fitted pair of demin or a comfy, knit pencil skirt. Moreover, wear what makes you feel confident and beauitful girl!


    4. You think short girls can't rock maxi skirts.

    It’s common fashion folklore that small women simply can’t wear floor-grazing skirts and dresses, but luckily that’s been proven entirely false. In fact, a well-cut maxi skirt can actually give you the appearance of looking taller, as evidenced by petite gals like Rachel Zoe and Mary-Kate Olsen.  Choose solid versions that skim the length of your body, which will create a long vertical line (forego anything with thick pleats or too many layers.) Be sure to keep your top fitted—a tucked-in T-shirt and a cropped leather jacket, for example—so as to not drown in fabric. Also, make sure the skirt’s hemline is as long as you can go without tripping, and add a pair of wedges or heels underneath.

    5. You think sexy means showing more skin.

    Our favorite quote in the showroom is from good ol' Betsey Johnson. "Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they'd just walk around naked at all times!" What we're saying is, there are classy ways to be sexy without foregoring your pride. You don't need skin-tight dresses and tops cut down to your navel.  Go for tight jeans and a silk top, a long-sleeve mini dress with ankle boots, or a great pair of heels paired with a curve-hugging pencil skirt. The key is find a balance. If you're showing some sexy skin on top, be a little more modest on the bottom, and vice-versa. Don't give the whole package away at once!


    6. You shop for Instagram.

    I've seen this statement around the internet a lot lately. It seems that social media has made keeping up with the joneses into a whole new ballgame! Are you buying that Balenciaga bag because you really, really love it, or because you want others to know you have it? Treat big purchases like what they really are, big purchases. You wouldn't buy a new car because you were bored on a Saturday morning, post a pic on Instagram and then throw it in the garage with a huge helping of buyer's remorse. Right?

    7. You don't follow the care tags.

    Working with rentals has really made me appreciate the instructions printed on those lovely care tags inside each of our dresses and separates. If it says Dry Clean Only, you can bet we're sending that directly to our dry cleaners to let the professionals worry about the spot treatments and the right way to treat the fabric. If you have no clue how to care for your garments, whether it's dry clearning, chlorine bleaching or hanging to air dry, we've found a guide to care tag labels to help you out! If you're on a more intermediate level of care, here's a post to help you with the items that don't need to go to the cleaners, and the few that really, really do.


    8. You keep buying more of the exact. same. thing.

    This is something that I'm almost positive we've all dealt with at one point, or maybe still are struggling with.  Is your closet 90% black shirts, all of your dresses are babydoll style, or do you have 15 pairs of skinnny jeans stacked up? It's understandable. You find what you love and what works with our figure and you, well, stock up! But fashion is about fun and expression and if you just wear the same black dress every time, what exactly are you expressing? It's time to pair down and keeping the pieces that are you favorites, the ones you wear the most. When you go out shopping, think do I already own this? Am I getting rid of the old jacket and replacing it or am I just adding to the collection? Look for new colors or prints. Try a new silhouette this time. You might just find a new favorite!


    Are you guilty of any of these? Is there a Fixable Fashion Mistake you'd like to add?


    P.S. Max Out Your Maxi With a Sweet Blazer & The Importance of Personal Style

    It's All In The Details

    Last updated 1 year ago

    When I'm picking out a new dress, I'm always looking for something that pops, like a different colors piping or some intricately designed seaming.  Don't you want to wear something that already looks 'put together' before you even add accessories? Something with rich details that make it stand out and make you look fabulously chic? 

    This summer, we're all about the details! We're looking for peices with intricate cutouts, well-placed seams and beautifully hand-beaded yokes. You'll be drooling over these and we guarantee you'll be looking more closely at your dress choices from now on!

    1. Hand Crafted Genius


    Look at the seams, every seam. Check the hem for frays and the embellishments for loose threads. You deserve quality and you shouldn't be spending your hard earned money on anything less!

    2. Intricate Designs

    Tired of stripes and looking to up your print game? If you're looking at graphic prints, check the edges of the letters. Is that floral design transferred on or stitched into the fabric? Want something with more bang for your buck? Check out the integrated sequin design stitched into this Farah Khan mini dress. Now that is quality, high fashion design!

    3. Subtle Hints


    You can absolutely show off some skin without sacrificing length or neckline with today's cutout designs! Look for designs that won't compromise the fit of the dress. Always, always, always try them on. You don't know where that side cutout is going to hit you. Can you wear a bra? Is it still pretty when you're sitting down? Valid questions!

    4. Stark Contrasts


    Looking to stand out? Always! These bright white elastic bands and piping are what make this crop top and bandage skirt your go-to summer set! There are little peaks of skin at the neckline and it's all tied together with the very feminine lines of the pencil skirt. Details like this piping-esque look are what make this outfit 1,000% better than a plain pink tank and all-over gray skirt.


    Get The Looks:

    1. Cynthia Steffe Orange Dress

    2. Farah Khan Sequin Mini Dress

    3. Nicole Miller Lazer Cut LBD

    4. Sentimental 2-Piece Bandage Set


    P.S. Summer Dresses in Summer Colors & Lovely Little Bandage Dress

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