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    Trying New Styles & Why You'll Be Happier in 2015

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Trying new things is always exciting. Whether you're nervous or giddy, that boost of excitement once you've done what you were trying to do sends all sorts of endorphins to your brain and there's no doubt you'll be left smiling! So why not use this new year as the perfect reason to try some new things? Spice up your date nights with a little oomph in the wardrobe department! Show off a little at the next gala and gain some followers just from the confidence that you are exuding!


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    Whenever new trends pop up, I have a hard time buying into them right away. I need to obsess over the why's and how's of each new silhouette and eventually I'll have to get to the point where I just have to try it myself.  We always have shoppers that are too timid to try on the gown with the low back or not interested in all those sequins (what?) but we are always trying to push the envelope with fashion. Why else would we love designer gowns so much? There's so many different styles to try, you can't know what will work for you until you actually put it on.

    So trust us when we hand you the sparkling, strappy gown or the purple cocktail dress with feathers. Once you put these beautifully made pieces on you might find that they are exactly what you were looking for all along! Or maybe they won't but you'll never actually know for sure until you try it on! For example, I had been obsessing over rompers all summer but when I finally got up the nerve to try one on I realized that silhouette just didn't work for me; but when I thought that our new Primavera sequin dresses would never look right on my curvy frame, I was sorely mistaken and let me tell you I rocked that little green number all over the city on my anniversary.  What I thought would look too young and wild on me turned out to be sexy, figure flattering and absolutely perfect for the night out we had planned. 

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    We're not asking you to switch up your entire personal style, but to take a look at one designer dress rental that could change your whole black tie experience. Take our advice as stylists; We know that as times change, fashion trends change, tastes change and we want to keep you as up to speed as possible at your next event. That's why you come to Lending Luxury after all, to get the most recent and most fabulous designer gowns at the fraction of retail price without crowding your closets.

    So who's up for trying something new this year? We've got sexy two-pieces and silky knit gown ready and waiting! There are feather cocktail dresses and hand painted minis with your name them!


    P.S. The Importance of Personal Style + Beautiful You + Rent it Like You Own it 

    4 Reasons MARSALA is Color of the Year

    Last updated 6 months ago

    2015's color of the year is bolder and richer than we've seen from Pantone recently. Don't get me wrong, I loved the teals and the fuchsias of the past, but this year's deep, delicious red just really speaks to me! Introducing...MARSALA!

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    Why Marsala?

    1. It has a satisfying richness and sophistication about it. This is what exceptionally made garments and the absolute perfect leather arm chair look like.

    2. It is universally appealing to men and women as it is a great mixture of masculine and feminine. It is easily translated into fashion, beauty and home design, so use it as the perfect lip color or a great textured throw pillow!

    3. It is flattering against many skin tones so everyone can enjoy the bold feeling of wearing such an amazing color!

    4. It radiates drama, glamor and luxury and we're all about that!

    Want to know how they picked it? Enjoy this video with Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute! 

    Want to see their recommended color pairings with the gorgeous Marsala? See them here and put together the perfect outfit, room or makeup scheme!

    You can even get Pantone's color swatches, gift boxes and paint chip flash drives here! Adorable! 

    Do you love it? 

    P.S. 2014 Color of the Year + 2013 Color of the Year


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    Resolution Inspo

    Last updated 6 months ago

    We're a week in and I know I need inspiration to keep up these goals so we're sharing some with you! Get it girl!

    What are you working towards this year?

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    Better Budgeting With Lending Luxury

    Last updated 6 months ago

    Keep your budget in check by renting your special occasion outfits rather than purchasing them for outrageous retail prices! At Lending Luxury you can find a $500 dress for at just $100, including 5 days with your new dress, insurance and dry cleaning! How can you turn down a gown for 80% off?

    Not only do you get a dramatic price reduction on every dress, gown, romper and coat in our store, but we are always running promotions to help you get the most bang for your buck! Rent one, get one half off is an incredible opportunity to bring TWO designer looks to wow the crowd on that long weekend or cruise!

    Traveling? Return shipping is always FREE when you choose to have your dress delivered! We ship all across the country, keeping the US fabulous coast to coast!

    We're looking out for you and your wallet. Our priority is bringing high fashion to as many women as possible, enriching their lives by building confidence and inner beauty thanks to the sparkle of a well made dress.

    P.S. How to Rent Like an Expert + Date Night Dresses Under $100

    5 Resolutions We Can Help You With

    Last updated 6 months ago

    New year, new you, right? Have you made your list of resolutions, improvements and goals for brand spanking new 2015? Everyone has plans but you've got the upper hand this year.  You've got Lending Luxury up your sleeve. We've got your back girl!

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    1. Stick to that Budget

    Every year there's a slew of parties, fundraisers and weddings that you just have to have a new dress for. Everyone's seen that blue dress from the Smith's wedding and thanks to Instagram that little black dress is just shy of famous.  Instead of shelling out your hard earned paycheck on a new dress every month, check out our collection of designer dress rentals for a fraction of the retail price. Often you can get a $500+ gown for 75% off, keep it for a week and not have to worry about dry cleaning or maintenance! Set those savings up in an Amazing Vacation Fund!

    2. Keep Out Clutter

    Buy a dress, wear it, hang it up. Repeat. How many dresses do you have in your closet that you've only worn once, twice max? We all know that you're probably not going to wear that 'profile pic' dress again, so why not donate them and clear up that clutter. Admit it, that mess of a closet is stressing you out, and there's no room for new items! How are you going to update your everyday wardrobe if you're out of hangers? (See #4 to help with that too!)

    3. Get Fit

    The #1 resolution made each and every year is to get in shape. Once you drop those pounds, you're going to need some hotter clothes!  Don't worry girl, we've got you covered from bikini season through holiday feasts! We carry size 00 to 16 so no matter where you are regards to your fitness goal, you're going to look good!

    4. Try New Styles

    Want to break out of a fashion rut? Are your every day jeans carrying over into your night out attire? We're here to make it easy for you to try all those new and trendy styles you've been dying to put on. Whether you rent it or not, it's good to know (and fun to find out) which styles work for you. So try on those ball gowns, mermaid silhouettes and jump suits! You won't regret the fun you have while playing dress up and instead of dismissing something based on hanger appeal you might just find exactly what you need for your big event!

    5. More Excitement

    Do you want to spice up 2015? If you've only got a few BIG events planned, why not go out with a bang? Whether you're hosting a gala or participating in the fundraising, shouldn't you stand out and be the most fabulous version of your fashionable self? Go for it and wear that sequin encrusted slip gown that you've only ever dreamt about! Or that printed cocktail dress instead of your go-to LBD. This year is yours, claim it in the name of style!

    What are your resolutions this year? 


     P.S. 5 Reasons You Should Be Renting + Clean Closet + Beautiful You


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