Formal Style Ideas for Moms-to-Be

Moms-to-be may feel like they have few options when looking for special occasion dresses. However, there are many styling ideas pregnant women can use for their formal dress rental. Let’s take a closer look.
  • Empire waistlines are one of the best silhouettes for a mom-to-be. The top of the formal gown will cinch at the waist, making it appear smaller, and the rest of the fabric will have a flowy look around the belly and hips.
  • If she has found a dress rental online that is larger or not quite the right style, then she can use a thin belt or sash to cinch the waist in.
  • She can also consider using a different color for her dress. Darker colors visually slim the body, so they can minimize the appearance of a baby bump.

Bridesmaids, mothers, and wedding guests can find the perfect formal event dresses in Tampa, FL with Lending Luxury. Our dress rentals can accommodate any type of events and body shapes. Please call us at (800) 403-9848 to find the perfect dress.

The Military Ball Fashion Edition

Military Balls are in full force this season. Have you been invited to one coming up? If this is your first time, we've got a quick and easy guide to helping you thoroughly enjoy your night. The best part? You get to play dress up!

1. Compliment your service member's dress uniform

Is your date wearing dress blues? You might want to stay away from navy blue yourself so there's no competing hues. Is he wearing a bow tie? That's a good indication that you should dress in black tie, floor length fashion.

2. Wear appropriate attire

These events are very traditional and the guests are expected to appear more demure than sexy. That being said, if you want to show a little skin pick a part to accentuate. For example, if you're showing a bit of cleavage, don't also show off your bare back. If your dress has a slit (no higher than mid-thigh for this event) then keep your bodice modestly covered. We always preach dressing age appropriately. And regardless of age, you're not looking for a prom dress today, you're looking for a gown.

3. Have fun with color

While most women will be in black or dark blue gowns, you can always find a tasteful way to stand out using color. We call these our Wild Card gowns. Depending on the season, you can rock a lemon colored gown or go with a gorgeous jewel toned look. We love to hear you say you want to stand out at this event and that's why you chose Lending Luxury!

4. Pay attention to tradition

These events are wholly based on traditions. When it comes to the receiving line, generally you should leave extra garments (gloves) or items like umbrellas at your table in order to properly greet everyone. No doubt the National Anthem will be played at some point and it deserves your full attention. If you're not sure, ask your date what to expect when it comes to the receiving line, guest speakers, formal dinner, etc.

5. Represent your service member well

While the point of these events is to have a good time, make sure your behavior is a positive reflection of your service member. Dance the night away but leave the club moves at home. Enjoy yourself but not in an obnoxious fashion. Think of this as a work event and all the other attendees as your date's co-workers.

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Dressing for a Black-Tie Optional Event

There are times when an event may include a black-tie optional dress code. Attendees may not know the specifics that come with this type of event, but they can use certain details from the invitation to help them choose the right outfit and dress rentals . Read on to learn about dressing for a black-tie optional event.

Evaluate the Event Style
Different types of events or the style of an event may influence how to dress for a black-tie optional dress code. For example, a morning wedding will carry less formal restrictions than an evening wedding. The same situation will apply for a corporate event versus a charity gala. Look at the details of the event—such as the type of event and the time of day—to help choose which outfit or dress rental will look best at the event.

Choose the Right Outfit
There are specific outfits that are expected for men and women to wear at black-tie events, and these specifics can help men and women choose the right outfit for a black-tie optional event. Men are expected to wear tuxedos or a dark suit with a white dress shirt. Women can wear a variety of outfits for a black-tie optional event. Typically, women are expected to wear a floor-length formal gown, but they can also choose a cocktail dress or a formal blouse with slacks or a pencil skirt.

Pair the Right Accessories
Accessories help complete formal attire. Men are expected to wear dark leather shoes and belts that coordinate with the color of their tuxedo or suit and paired with dark dress socks. Women can choose most types of jewelry to embellish their designer dress rental. The jewelry should complement the color and style of the outfit, and it should not be overwhelming or gaudy. Dresses should also be paired with pumps or open-toe heels.

Lending Luxury carries a variety of outfits to suit casual, black-tie optional, and formal affairs. Please visit us online and call us at (800) 403-9848 to see our inventory of casual and special occasion dresses near Tampa, FL.

3 Reasons to Rent a Homecoming Dress This Year

With Fall underway, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the most exciting event of the season: Homecoming! This spectacular event has long been celebrated by high schools around the country, which is why so many students start looking for the perfect dress as soon as they get back from summer break. But purchasing a dress is not your only option—renting your homecoming dress can offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Choose from a fabulous selection of designer dresses. When shopping for a dress, many girls immediately flock to their favorite designers or the trendiest brands of the season. But it can be challenging to find a good selection from your favorite designers at local malls and dress shops. That’s why renting your dress from Lending Luxury is such a fabulous idea—our collection of homecoming and prom dresses includes selections from designers such as Clarisse, Nina Canacci, Faviana, Rachel Allan, Jovani, and Terani!
    • Stand out from the crowd. If you go out shopping for a dress, you are likely to run into at least a few girls from school. High school students seem to flock to certain stores when searching for the perfect dress—by shopping at these stores, you run the risk of buying the same outfit as someone else. When you pick a dress from the gorgeous selection here at Lending Luxury, however, you can get something totally original and eye-catching! Plus, we keep track of where each dress style & color is going, so you don't have to worry about any copy cats!
      • Save money. It is important to choose a dress you love, but how many times can you actually wear it? Unlike some of the other fabulous dresses in your wardrobe, your homecoming dress will only be worn once. By renting a designer dress, you can save a fortune that would be wasted buying a one-time dress. You can use all the money you save to purchase luxurious accessories!

      Start the search for your perfect prom dress by contacting the team here at Lending Luxury. Visit our website or call us today at (800) 403-9848 to learn more.

      When Is It OK to Wear a Short Dress to a Formal Event?

      You may wonder if you can rent a short dress to wear at a formal event like a charity gala or black-tie wedding. As you can see in the video, you can wear any length of dress if the dress looks formal. Continue reading for a better look at formal, short dresses.

      The key to wearing a short dress to a formal event is matching the look and style of the event. Choose a designer dress rental that is made with high-quality materials and designs. Consider how the dress will look next to your partner’s tuxedo or in the event venue. These details will help you choose the right formal wear.

      Call Lending Luxury at (800) 403-9848 to see our cocktail dresses and gala dresses in Tampa, FL. We can help you find the perfect dress for your next formal event.

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