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    Our Prom Promise

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Your big night is always our number one priority! We strive to make it as fun and carefree as possible, helping you find that perfect dress! Here's how we do it!

    1. We want to make your night special by giving you the chance to wear an amazing designer dress! Think of the impression you'll making walking onto that dance floor and how gorgeous your photos will look forever. We have hundreds of gowns to chose in sizes 00 to 16 so you're sure to find the perfect one for your perfect night! When trying them on, make sure to strike a pose on our stage to check every angle and even dance around a little to make sure that style works for you! 

    2. Our rental service is designed to help you out. Our prices won't break your budget and you and your parents' wallets can relax knowing that you're paying a reasonable fee at just a fraction of the retail price. The best part is this fee includes insurance and dry cleaning!

    3. Renting might seem strange at first but remember, the boys do it all the time! Why do you need one more dress crowding your closet when we all know you'll never wear it again! Ask your mom how many times she's broken out her junior prom dress - we guarantee it's not worth the $400+ you'll spend buying one! And nwo you don't have to worry about wearing those hand-me-down gowns that are probably not in style anymore and poorly fit. Rent your gown for the weekend and don't worry about it ever again!

    4. Possibly our most important step! We will never rent the same dress to two girls at the same event. So you don't have to worry about copy cats and that embarrassing moment when you walk in and spot someone in the exact same "unique" gown as you any more! We take down the info about your dance and keep it on file for the duration of prom season. Every rental is double checked against the school and date info we collect and the dresses are first come first serve so rent early!

    We do everything we can so that you enjoy your shopping experience with Lending Luxury and hope that you find the perfect gown that keeps you smiling and dancing all night long!


    P.S. Prom Pic Poses + 3 Prom Trends Revealed

    What Are You Wearing? New Designer Dress Arrivals

    Last updated 9 months ago

    Introducing some new designer and some brand new styles just in time for the extravagant prom season!


    Lots of Beautiful Black Gowns to choose from:

    • jasz-2015s-5458-0230
    • jasz-2015s-5439-0192
    • 864_e3757_6
    • posha2
    • jasz-2014s-5045-double_c
    • 337_e2118
    • chantel21
    • e3758-by-terani-couture-evening

    Bright and Springy Colors:

    • jasz-2015s-5416-0143
    • nika-8010-3
    • 5338
    • jasz-2015s-5462-0238_3
    • 3902-nudegold

    And Stunning Separates:

    • jasz-2015s-5435-0184
    • jasz-2015s-5337-00681

    And more to come! Tell us your favorite!


    Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get an up to the minute update on when we unpack new arrivals including detailed photos and the sizes that we available! 


    P.S. Deciding What Style Prom Dress to Wear + Sexy Sides & Sequin Straps

    Easy Party Hair

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Some of our favorite hair tutorials (and even some make-up ideas) come from Pinterest. Check out these easy to follow instructions and have the best updo at your event!

    Is there a theme? The headband bun is perfect for the popular Great Gatsby themed party!

    Do you have an interesting neckline or back? Show it off by wearing your hair up and accentuate those shoulders!

    Want something simple? Go for the full size double pony tail for some easy volume!

    What's your favorite style? Have you tried it yet?


    P.S. Prom Hairstyles DIY + Choosing the Right Accessories For Your Couture Look

    • 9021e668362d2a1eda6b94c8377f619f
    • 07724bd2cdfe5c89847eeca9915e2291
    • 4b443f89e25fee706394eafb4ac72c79
    • 53379cea96c30ebf1f9dca62da5edeee
    • bc92003c60633072b4aa2a4c9fe1a1ce
    • 650104468868f1f480136f2d51a9f9ab
    • 6ce507b41e8aa56b332773651670f265
    • b8ca873f47d62053715ba4f52a6f91f0
    • 3f055da07841542268d7619c60d3398d

    3 Prom Trends Revealed

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Prom is coming up fast and we are as prepared as any good girl scout would be. We've flipped through all the glittering catalogs and reviewed all the gorgeous new collections just for you! We picked some perfect examples from our top 5 Prom designers: Sherri Hill, Jasz Couture, Terani Couture, Primavera and Shimmer. Here are some of the most popular trends we're seeing. 


    • jasz 5435
    • c5dfe43d171e91dcccf652d30cdbf1e8
    • prima 9999
    • 651_151P0102-n
    • shimmer p2215

    #1 Two Piece Gowns

    A new take on an old favorite. We saw this start to happen at Homecoming and it looks like this super cute style has carried over to Prom season. We're loving the contrast between the shining crop tops and the ultra flowing floor length skirts and the all over beading and the perfect little peak of midriff. 

    Photos (above):  Jasz #5435, ?Sherri Hill #11220, ?Primavera #9999, Terani #151P0102, Shimmer #P2215


    • 75b012f24d81e74bd934e731302c6dcb
    • jasz 5350
    • 518_151P0039-n
    • prima 1121
    • shimmer p3915

    #2 New Necklines

    We're looking at a whole new halter style, boat necklines, illusions, etc. These necklines are going to be the wildcard this season. There's no set rules and with the help of sheer overlays, the possibilities are endless!

    Photos (above): Sherri Hill #32144, Jasz #5350,  Terani #151P0039, Primavera #1121, Shimmer #P3915


    • 425_151P0125-n
    • 2440ff08a62bbbee280b36741f71ada3
    • jasz 5432
    • prima 1132
    • shimmer p2015

    #3 Mermaid & Trumpet Silhouettes

    This classic silhouette is making a big comeback this season! Show off your lovely waistline and accentuate your hips for a simply hypnotic hourglass figure. You might think you're too "hippy" to wear these, but they suit more body shapes than you'd believe. Everyone loves the drama and they really do look amazing in a trumpet!

    Photos (above): Terani #151P0125, Sherri Hill #32130, Jasz #5432,  Primavera #1132, Shimmer #P2015

    So do any of these strike your fancy? What are you looking for this year?


    P.S. Deciding What Style Prom Dress to Wear + Prom Pic Poses + Sexy Sides and Sequin Straps


    Introducing New Luxurious Jewelry

    Last updated 10 months ago

    Prom is coming and we've got a new a whole new shipment of blingy jewels to share! Tons of glorious rhinestones at irresistable prices! Tell us your favorites?


    • IMG_20150115_142028
    • IMG_20150115_141759
    • IMG_20150115_141603

    We've got lots of glittering bracelets in gold, silver and crystal! Our statement necklaces, bib necklaces and pendants come in varying styles and colors so that you can find the absolute perfect complimentary piece to your dress rental!

    • IMG_20150115_142254
    • IMG_20150115_141259
    • IMG_20150115_141206

    If you're interested in a particular piece, stop by the showroom or give us a call at 800.403.9848!


    P.S. Luxurious Jewelry Featuring Bib Necklaces + How to Stack Bracelets Like a Pro

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