Deciphering the Dress Code on Your Party Invitation

Getting a party invitation is exciting—until you see the dress code and start to wonder what to wear. No one likes going to an event and finding out that they’ve made the wrong choice with their attire, but we’re here to help. Once you get a grip on the dress code for your event, use the Lending Luxury site to find cocktail dresses, couture gowns, or whatever type of dress rental you need, at a price that won’t break your budget. Here is what you need to know about dress codes you may see on party invitations.

Cocktail attire is one of the trickier dress codes for women to decipher, because it can mean different things to different people. Typically, cocktail dresses are shorter than formal dresses, and can range from short to midi. Cocktail occasions are perfect for the classic LBD, but there is also plenty of leeway to show your personality in your attire. Sometimes, the season or occasion will influence your choice of cocktail dress. For instance, you may pick a dress in a metallic shade for a holiday cocktail party or a sleeveless A-line for a summer event. Heels or dressy flats can work for cocktail attire.

Formal attire—or black tie, as it is sometimes called—traditionally calls for a long dress, though now on occasion, it is not unheard of to see someone dressed in a very formal shorter gown. Men are called on to wear tuxedos to black tie events, so your dress should be similarly formal. This is a great opportunity to wear a couture gown. Heels are generally a must.

White Tie
White tie is the most formal dress code. Short dresses are not a fit for a white tie event. Instead, women should wear long dresses and long gloves—usually white—that reach their elbows. Couture gowns, your best jewelry, and heels are all appropriate for white tie events.

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