Fashion Dos and Don'ts to Know for Your First Cocktail Party

Attending your first cocktail party is an exciting time, and you should be dressed to impress. There are certain rules, such as choosing small accessories, that will help you find the perfect cocktail dress rental and style your overall appearance. Let’s take a closer look at the dos and don’ts of cocktail party fashion.

Do Feel Comfortable
You should always feel comfortable in whatever clothing you wear, including cocktail dresses, formal gowns, or sweat pants. Choose a dressy outfit—whether it is a dress, skirt and blouse, or slacks and blouse—that you feel comfortable wearing at your first cocktail party. If you are dressed professionally, then you can wear almost anything that feels comfortable.

Don’t Wear Casual Clothing
Never wear jeans, sneakers, or a t-shirt to a cocktail party. These items are too casual, and you will be noticed for all the wrong reasons if you wear them. If you prefer wearing pants, then choose tailored slacks. If you do not want to wear high heels, then look for a kitten heel that will give you a small lift. Always choose a well-tailored blouse over a simple t-shirt.

Do Use Small Accessories
You and your dress rental should be the center of attention, so ensure that your accessories are not overly large or flashy. Choose a small, matching clutch over an oversized purse. Wear simple pieces of jewelry that accentuate your features rather than overwhelm them.

Don’t Wear Extra Formal Garments
You do not want to wear casual pieces, but you also do not want to dress too formally. A cocktail party is meant for easygoing conversation and mingling. Formalwear sets an incorrect tone for that type of event. Do not wear a floor-length gown, elaborate jewelry, or overly formal items to your first cocktail party.

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