The Military Ball Fashion Edition

Military Balls are in full force this season. Have you been invited to one coming up? If this is your first time, we've got a quick and easy guide to helping you thoroughly enjoy your night. The best part? You get to play dress up!

1. Compliment your service member's dress uniform

Is your date wearing dress blues? You might want to stay away from navy blue yourself so there's no competing hues. Is he wearing a bow tie? That's a good indication that you should dress in black tie, floor length fashion.

2. Wear appropriate attire

These events are very traditional and the guests are expected to appear more demure than sexy. That being said, if you want to show a little skin pick a part to accentuate. For example, if you're showing a bit of cleavage, don't also show off your bare back. If your dress has a slit (no higher than mid-thigh for this event) then keep your bodice modestly covered. We always preach dressing age appropriately. And regardless of age, you're not looking for a prom dress today, you're looking for a gown.

3. Have fun with color

While most women will be in black or dark blue gowns, you can always find a tasteful way to stand out using color. We call these our Wild Card gowns. Depending on the season, you can rock a lemon colored gown or go with a gorgeous jewel toned look. We love to hear you say you want to stand out at this event and that's why you chose Lending Luxury!

4. Pay attention to tradition

These events are wholly based on traditions. When it comes to the receiving line, generally you should leave extra garments (gloves) or items like umbrellas at your table in order to properly greet everyone. No doubt the National Anthem will be played at some point and it deserves your full attention. If you're not sure, ask your date what to expect when it comes to the receiving line, guest speakers, formal dinner, etc.

5. Represent your service member well

While the point of these events is to have a good time, make sure your behavior is a positive reflection of your service member. Dance the night away but leave the club moves at home. Enjoy yourself but not in an obnoxious fashion. Think of this as a work event and all the other attendees as your date's co-workers.

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