What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be difficult, but dressing for a winter wedding is especially challenging. In addition to finding a something that meets the dress code requirements, whether you need black tie dresses or cocktail dresses, you also have to find something that is suitable for the weather. If you have a winter wedding on your social calendar this season, here are some tips for getting your outfit just right.

Go for Color
The temptation for dressing for a winter wedding is to choose a dress in a dark color. Although you may not think of colorful looks when you think of winter, a winter wedding is a perfect opportunity to add a vibrant splash of color. Opt for dresses in bold or jewel tones that look rich and elegant, rather than the bright or light colors you may choose for spring and summer. A pop of color for a winter wedding is eye-catching and will fight off the drab feelings of winter.

Consider Your Outerwear
You will need some kind of outerwear for a winter wedding, so it should be something that complements your dress rather than drags down your style. A wrap can be a good alternative if the temperatures aren’t too cold, but if you need a coat, consider jazzing up your usual look with a brooch, scarf, or another accessory that pulls in the colors of your evening gown.

Don’t Shy Away from Fancy Footwear
Hose and tights are typically a must for a winter wedding, but that doesn’t have to limit your footwear options. Although it was once considered a fashion no-no, it has become acceptable to wear glam sandals and strappy shoes with hose and tights, particularly if you choose a colored shoe and match it with black legwear. Winter weddings are also a chance to pull out your dramatic, jeweled heels and other statement footwear.

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