Unique & School Approved Prom Dresses

It's your time to stand out and shine and we want to make that happen for you! Prom is all about expression (and fun)! Lending Luxury receives new gown shipments constantly during the prom shopping season so you're bound to find the dress of your wildest dreams with us. We look for new silhouettes, trending colors, and your favorite styles. We ask our customers what they want and we deliver!

Did we mention we also keep track of who's wearing what? That's right, we don't rent the same dress to two girls going to the same dance. So you no longer have to worry about walking in at the same time as your copy cat. Secure your great entrance by renting with Lending Luxury and don't let someone else steal your thunder!

It's important to shop early, especially because of our copy cat policy. Once dresses start getting locked down for prom dates, it gets pretty competitive. A good idea is to shop a month ahead of time and reserve your first choice, instead of having to settle on your second or even third. When something amazing catches your eye, you want to be able to lock it down as YOURS immediately. Another good idea, is to make an appointment when shopping. That way our stylists have time to check the availability of your choices before you try them on and fall in love.

Does your school have a dress code? While it's tempting to throw the rules out the window for the perfect prom dress, we recommend sticking as closely as possible to the guidelines. After all, if you get sent home, no one's going to see you in your dream dress!

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