Tips for Choosing the Best Shoes for Your Dress

When you rent a formal gown, your outfit will be incomplete until you find the perfect shoes to match the cut and style of your dress. While some dresses look great when they are paired with chunky wedges or flashy heels, other dresses are better suited to flat sandals or nude pumps. With services from a designer dress rental company, you will be able to easily pick out accessories to match with your outfit. Read on to learn some tips that will help you choose the right shoes for your dress rental.

Consider Dress ColorIn order to pick out the right shoes for your dress, you can start by considering the color of your dress, itself. A bright dress that is made out of a vibrant red, pink, or orange fabric may look great when it is paired with black or neutral colored shoes. A more understated black dress, by contrast, may pop when it is coordinated with colorful shoes that make a statement.

Think About Your Accessories
Ideally, you will want to match your shoes to your accessories, such as your jewelry and purse. If your jewelry is gold, your shoes should not be a contrasting shade of silver. To completely coordinate your outfit, you can even match your shoe color and material to your purse.

Evaluate Heel Height
Heel height is a final consideration for choosing shoes to match your dress. Your most important priority is to ensure that you are able to walk comfortably in your shoes. Longer dresses, such as evening gowns, are often designed to be worn with taller heels.

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