3 Curvy Girl Shopping Tips

Tips for our curvy shoppers from our curvy stylist ;)

1. Support the girls!

Look for bodices that will allow you to wear a bra, whether with or without straps depending on the amount of support you need! Before you even bother trying it on, check out the width of the straps and how low the back is. Is there sheer panels that the bra might show through? Often a nude bra will camoglauge nicely. I've been known to wear a black bra under black mesh without batting an eye!

2. Show off that waist!

This is the oldest trick in the book! Show off the smallest part of your waist, whether it's your natural waist or right under your bust. Draw the eyes there! Look for details on the gown like a waistband or the beginning of pleats or sparkling embellishments. In this case, we went with an empire waistband of beads and crystals!

3. Don't drown yourself in fabric!

Adding extra fabric just adds extra width. Look at these images, same model, two different gowns. The green dress has a lot more extra fabric around her waist and hips than the blue dress, making her appear wider on the left. While you don't have to go as fitted as the blue dress, I like to keep the fabric close to my body. It's a matter of choosing the right fabric too. Thicker fabric won't show off problem areas or cellulite like thin, silky fabric might. Look for thick jersey, polyester or satin.

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