Cocktail Dresses vs. Semi-Formal Dresses

Choosing between a cocktail dress and a semi-formal gown can be a difficult decision. However, deciding which dress to rent may come down to the type of event you are attending. Watch the short video and continue reading to learn which type of dress rental is right for you.

Cocktail dresses are fun and flirty, but they may not be appropriate for all events. If your event invitation calls for semi-formal or formal wear, then you will want to choose a semi-formal dress. This will be longer in length and more appropriate than a cocktail dress for most events.

No matter your choice of dress rental, Lending Luxury can accommodate. We have a wide variety of cocktail dresses and semi-formal gowns near Tampa, FL. Please call us at (800) 403-9848 to work with our specialists before your next event.

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