Summer Formal Wear Guide Part Two

When the weather turns warm, it definitely shapes the decisions we make regarding our wardrobe. Whether you live in Florida or not, you've probably considered how in the world you are going to regulate your body temperature in a gown at an outdoor wedding in May. We put together some of our strategically chosen favorite cocktail dresses and gowns to get us through the season...

Part Two: Gowns

What do you do when the invitation says 'black tie'? Break out the floor length gowns, regardless of the weather forecast. It's not that much of a sacrifice; who doesn't like playing dress up for an evening? The main thing to consider when choosing a gown appropriate for the heat wave we've come to expect in our hometown is fabric weight. Look for light, airy, flowing skirts, or again, jersey that will allow your skin to breathe. Also check the lining and count the layers. There might be chiffon billowing beautifully in the breathe, but underneath there are 2 layers of polyester that will be sticking to your legs but the end of the night.

Here are some excellent choices in terms of weight and comfort. Tell us your fave!

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