4 Tips for Homecoming Dress Shopping

Summer may be over, but fall has plenty of fun and excitement to offer! This includes a number of themed events, such as the annual homecoming dance celebrated by high school students across the nation. You can start preparing for this school bash by renting the perfect dress. Use these tips to help you make the right dress choice:

    1. Follow Your School’s Dress Code

Start your search for the perfect dress by first reviewing your school’s event dress code policy. Check the homecoming dance invitation, or look into your school’s codebook or website. It is important that you understand these guidelines before searching for a dress, or you might fall in love with a dress that does not follow the rules!

    1. Choose a Basic Style

Think about dresses that you have worn to past dances and other special events. Create a list of which ensembles made you feel the most beautiful and most confident. Use this list to come up with dress features that are flattering and fit in with your personal style. This will help you decide on the right length, fabric, and pattern or your homecoming dress.

    1. Consider the Theme of the Dance

Does your homecoming dance have a theme? If so, you can use this as inspiration when choosing your dress! Look for small design details that will allow you to fit in with the theme while still showing off your unique style.

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