4 Pre Prom Party Ideas

Take the stress out of prom night by doing something fun to shake off those nerves. Most teens opt for a fancy dinner but why not make it a more meaningful and unique night out with your friends with some of these ideas.

1. Make getting ready into a party. You all have to do it, why not have a good time, movie montage style and help each other with all the makeup, hair, and zippers!

2. Chill at brunch! Assuming you're all going to be busy hitting appointments and picking up last minute items, plan a brunch to make sure everyone has a real meal that day and chat about the earrings you're deciding between.

3. Take a city tour in your gowns to show off your dream dresses and cute dates. Instead of renting an expensive limo, see if there's a city tour that ends near your dinner or dance location.

4. Make a mini spa appointment and have everyone get their nails done or get a relaxing facial together. You're going to do it anyway, might as well make it a bonding experience!

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