So You've Been Invited to a Debutante Ball

If you live in a southern-ish state, chances are you, or someone you know, has been invited to a Deb Ball or two. And once you're invited, you probably think to yourself "what the heck do I wear to this thing?" "How formal is it?" and/or "Do I need to get myself to an etiquette class?" You're probably fine not shelling out some extra dough on classes, just treat it like any other event where you get to dress up and flaunt your new favorite dress.

Some Dress Code Tips...

The Debs where white, so basically that is off limits. Besides that, the Deb Ball "should be the height of formal attire" according to 'Our Everyday Life' author Kelly O'Gea. Traditionally the event is black tie, which gives women a lot of fun and daring options to choose from while men will be expected to wear tuxedos.

Black tie doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear a black dress. Although you could if you wanted because who doesn't love a great black dress? Don't be afraid of the length of the dress. Although traditionally you would have had to wear a floor length gown, women on the shorter side can now get away with a very dressy cocktail dress. We have examples of both below that you can click to shop. You can see all of Lending Luxury's Black Tie dress rentals here.

For a breakdown of how to figure out the dress code based on the invitation, check out this past post.

Some Etiquette Tips...

Really just basic stuff here. Place a napkin on your lap (to protect that dress!) and don't talk with your mouth full. You got this! Enjoy dancing the rest of the evening away!

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