Tips for Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Formal Dress

Sometimes, choosing the right shoes can be even harder than finding the right dress. If you have your eye on a cocktail dress or evening gown, before you rent the dress, make sure you have an image of the kind of shoes you want to wear in mind, so it’s easy to pull your look together. You can overcome the challenges of finding the right shoes with this advice.

Go for Comfort
Shoes for formal dresses don’t have to be synonymous with torture. When you pick shoes, make sure to choose a pair that won’t force you to sit out dancing or any of the other fun parts of the event you’re attending. If you’re not used to wearing heels, a thicker heel can make you feel more stable than a stiletto, and shoes with more substantial uppers can be more comfortable than strappy shoes. If the shoes don’t feel comfortable when you’re trying them on, move on to the next pair. You can also add foot and heel pads to make your shoes feel even better on the night of your event.

Upgrade Your Daytime Style
Shoes for formal dresses should be equally formal, so your heels that you wear to the office typically won’t work. Look for shoes that are designed for party wear, but be cautious about embellishments. A plain dress can be elevated by embellished shoes, but an embellished dress pairs better with elegant, simple styles.

Look for Neutrals
Shoes in neutral colors are always a good choice for evening gowns. Black is one of the most popular options, and it pairs well with nearly everything. Silver and gold shoes can also be considered neutrals for formal wear, as long as they match the jewelry you choose. Typically, it’s best to avoid bright colors unless you’re wearing a black dress and want a pop of dramatic color.

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