Can You Wear White to a Wedding? Plus More Fashion FAQs Solved

When you have a big event around the corner, the last thing you want to do is to commit a fashion faux pas. There often seems to be many rules surrounding fashion, but then, are fashion rules really just made to be broken? When you’re shopping for a dress rental, these answers to common questions about the rules of fashion will help you make your decision.

Can you wear white to a wedding?
One of fashion’s most enduring questions is if it is ever OK for anyone besides the bride to wear white to a wedding. At one point in time, wearing white would have been seen as a deliberate slap in the face to the bride, but times are changing. Many fashion experts believe white is OK as long as the dress couldn’t be mistaken for a wedding dress. For example, a cocktail dress in white is fine, but a full-length, formal gown is not. However, others believe it’s best to save your white dress for another day. As a general rule of thumb, consider the bride and groom. If the pair is conservative, you may prefer to stick to traditional rules, while other brides and grooms may not care.

Can cocktail dresses be long?
Like most fashion rules, this one is shifting, but cocktail dresses should generally be knee-length and not longer than midi-length. Dressing in a long dress may make you look too formal. Save the long dress for a gala. On the flipside, keep in mind that cocktail dresses aren’t mini-dresses, either. Just above or just below the knee is the sweet spot.

Do you have to wear heels with a dress?
If the idea of wearing heels scares you, then you will be relieved to know that they are not a requirement. If you know that you don’t wear heels, steer clear of midi dresses in favor of full-length or cocktail dresses, and choose shoes with embellishments, so that they look appropriately formal.

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