Figuring Out Summer Wedding Attire

We can all agree that Summer weddings are gorgeous and heaps of fun, but it's hard finding the right balance of summery colors, formal silhouettes, and lighter fabrics. When we're helping a customer shop for Summer events, we always have the same questions.

What's the dress code? This is always our number one question because we need to know which section to point you towards. Cocktail, formal, and even black-tie optional are going to have a lot more Summer-friendly options (ie, shorter options) that a straight up black tie reception that requires floor-length, maybe even a ball gown.

Where is the wedding? What we mean is, is it local (Florida) or maybe some cooler, northwestern state that doesn't have the same humidity worries as we do.

Is it outside? It's always helpful to know if part of the ceremony or reception will be held outdoors so you can choose skirt length, slits (aka ventilation), and sleeve options, when balancing comfort and appearance.

Are there any colors you need to stay away from? We want to make sure you're not going to look like you're trying to sneak into the wedding party or clash with the other Mother-in-law during photos. We have our favorite colors for formal weddings, but we want to hear yours too.

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