How to Dress for Your Complexion

Want to know a secret that professional stylists use to keep Hollywood celebs looking their best? It starts with an analysis of your skin tone. When you determine whether your skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral, it’ll be much easier to put together a wardrobe in the color palette that flatters you. Knowing your skin tone will also make it easier to choose a designer dress rental.

Dressing for Warm Skin Tones
Women with warm skin tones typically have hair that ranges from dark brown to dark blonde, and a complexion that has yellowish or greenish undertones. This includes olive skin tones. The colors that flatter warm skin tones include amber, orange, red, and gold. If you venture into the cool colors for your dress rentals, choose from very warm shades of greens and blues, and reddish-purples.

Dressing for Cool Skin Tones
Cool skin tones have undertones of bluish shades. This can include women with complexions that range from very fair to very dark. Some examples of celebs with cool skin tones are Viola Davis and Cate Blanchett. Choose from cool colors like sapphire, emerald, amethyst, lilac, and bright blue. If you choose a warm color, go for ruby, cerise, or shocking pink (not hot pink).

Dressing for Neutral Skin Tones
Most women with neutral skin tones have hazel eyes and hair with multiple tones. They also have trouble figuring out if they’re cool or warm. Some great neutral colors include dusty pink, light peach, and cameo green. Be wary of very vibrant, “loud” colors.

Wearing Non-Flattering Colors You Love
If you fall in love with a particular hue that doesn’t flatter your complexion, you can still work it into your outfit. Wear it as a skirt or pants, so that it’s farther away from your face. Or, wear the color as an accessory. Look for shoes, a handbag, or jewelry in the color you love.

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