Tips to Pick a Prom Dress

With so many beautiful prom dress rentals available, it’s hard to choose just one. It can be helpful—and more fun—to bring along a friend when you visit the dress boutique. Let your friend know that you’re looking for honest feedback. Do a little research before you start browsing. Your school probably has some wardrobe guidelines to follow. Make sure your choice falls within these guidelines.

When you try on dresses, move around in them. Don’t be afraid to dance a little in the boutique, since you’ll want to know that you can comfortably dance in the dress at the prom. Before making your final selection, consider accessories. Should the dress be worn with a strapless or halter bra? Do you have earrings to match? It can be helpful to rent a prom dress that leaves you a little wiggle room in your budget, in case you need to purchase accessories. In the end, go with your gut instinct. If you fall in love with a particular dress, even if it’s the first one you try on, then that’s the right dress for you.

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