Dressing for a Black-Tie Summer Wedding

Black-tie weddings call for formal gowns, but when temperatures are hot, striking the line between comfort and a black-tie dress code can get a little more complicated. If you are invited to a summer wedding with a black-tie dress code, here are some ideas for selecting a dress.

Look for Summer Colors
Many of the same silhouettes you might wear to a winter black-tie wedding can work for a summer event, as long as you choose your colors wisely. Stay away from jewel tones and deep colors and look instead for pastels, tropical hues, and bright colors. Black is no longer off limits for weddings and can create a striking look any time of year. Although white is a great summer color, conventional wisdom says you should steer clear of this color as a wedding guest, unless the wedding you’re going to is non-traditional or you know the bride will be wearing another color.

Opt for Light Fabrics
Back-tie weddings often bring out lots of satin and taffeta, but these rich fabrics aren’t very breathable and can leave you feeling—and looking—sweaty and uncomfortable at a summer wedding. Instead of these fabrics, opt for a formal dress in chiffon or another breezy material. Chiffon looks upscale but is also airy and light, making it a good fit for a black-tie wedding in summer.

Play with Different Lengths
Although black tie once meant that a floor-length, formal gown was required, the definition has evolved. Longer cocktail dresses and midi dresses can look chic and be entirely appropriate for a black-tie dress code. These shorter dresses will give you a little more airiness in summer and can especially welcome for an outdoor wedding and reception.

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