Proper Prom Dress Fit

It's all about the bling; the wow factor; THE FIT. There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfectly fitting gown. We know it's a little challenging when you're renting, but it's definitely not impossible. Let's talk about fit and then we'll get into the temporary alterations that Lending Luxury offers in-store.


The bodice accentuates your neck, your arms, and your girls! You want to choose a neckline that flatters you. Feel like you have a broad back? Steer clear of halter necklines. If you have large breasts, strapless might be a challenge to your comfort. Also, watch out for too much cleavage. Always make sure you're dressing for the occasion as well as your age. A good test is whether or not your date can see down your dress. If so, the dress does not fit you properly. There should be no gapping, even when you sit down. Side boob and under boob are some new challenges thanks to all the trendy cutouts in today's dresses. Move your arms around, turn side to side, make sure nothing is popping out that shouldn't be showing.

  • Fit Tips: raise and lower your arms. Sit down to make sure there's not gapping or pulling.


It's important to remember that form fitting and skin tight are two different ideas. If you want to show off your curves, make sure that the dress isn't pulled so tight that you can see the threads that make up the fabric. Also make sure that it is not pulling horizontally across your thighs. This is a tell tale sign that you need to size up. Form fitting fabrics include stretch jersey and polyester. More forgiving fabric for a looser, sweeping fit, are chiffon, tulle and satin. Embellishments like beading and lace can also help cover some problem areas if needed.

  • Fit Tips: Make sure you can walk, dance, sit down, get out of your car, etc. We absolutely allow you to move around our showroom to make sure you love the fit and feel of your dress!

Temporary Alterations


Most of our brand new dresses come to us with a pretty long length. We recommend a temporary (blind) hem done by our professional seamstress if that length is not right for you. We take up an average for 3 inches for an extra fee so you can definitely move around your event without tripping. If 3 inches doesn't seem like enough, look for high-low gowns or dresses with a front slit to making walking easier. Please note that most dresses now come with slightly sweeping trains and even a temporary hem will not shorten a train.

Straps and Halters

Depending on the fabric, embellishments and construction of the bodice, our seamstress is sometimes able to adjust straps and halters to make them tighter for more support and better fit. This includes straps that might wrap around your sides and back. Please consult your stylist to see if this is possible.

  • Fit Tips: We can't cut the dresses or alter them permanently by taking them in, but we can make some adjustments to help fit our customers the way they want. Just ask!

Why Renting a Designer Dress Is Fashionable

Renting dresses and other formal wear has become the latest trend in fashion. Dress rentals are the easiest way to look your best, wear the most popular designer labels, and keep a higher balance in your bank account. Read on to see why renting designer dresses is the most fashionable way to dress.

You can constantly change your looks.
The best way to look fashionable is to always change up your look to match the latest fashion trends. However, this habit may not be affordable for everyone, which can make it hard to be on trend. If you rent dresses and other formal wear, you will always appear fashionable with the latest looks. Every time you attend a formal event, you can wear a new couture dress, new accessories, new makeup, and a new hairdo. Changing up your looks to reflect the latest fashion trends is the quickest way to become the most fashionable person at any party.

You can wear designer labels for less.
As stated, being fashion forward is not always the easiest habit to maintain. By renting high fashion dresses, you can save money and wear the latest designer labels on the market. Aidan Mattox, Alexis, and Bryon Lars are just a few designer labels that you can rent for a fraction of their normal cost. You can be as fashion forward as you want and not break the bank when you rent designer dresses.

You can browse multiple gowns and designers.
Instead of visiting multiple stores—wasting your time and money—trying to find the most fashionable or most affordable dress, you can browse through navigable web pages to view countless dresses in a matter of minutes. Renting dresses online can save you the time and resources you can use preparing for your next event.

With Lending Luxury, you will have access to some of the most beautiful high fashion dresses near Tampa, FL. We pride ourselves on our many formal gowns, cocktail dresses, and other formal wear from several well-known designers. Let us help you be your most fashionable by calling us at (800) 403-9848.

Unique & School Approved Prom Dresses

It's your time to stand out and shine and we want to make that happen for you! Prom is all about expression (and fun)! Lending Luxury receives new gown shipments constantly during the prom shopping season so you're bound to find the dress of your wildest dreams with us. We look for new silhouettes, trending colors, and your favorite styles. We ask our customers what they want and we deliver!

Did we mention we also keep track of who's wearing what? That's right, we don't rent the same dress to two girls going to the same dance. So you no longer have to worry about walking in at the same time as your copy cat. Secure your great entrance by renting with Lending Luxury and don't let someone else steal your thunder!

It's important to shop early, especially because of our copy cat policy. Once dresses start getting locked down for prom dates, it gets pretty competitive. A good idea is to shop a month ahead of time and reserve your first choice, instead of having to settle on your second or even third. When something amazing catches your eye, you want to be able to lock it down as YOURS immediately. Another good idea, is to make an appointment when shopping. That way our stylists have time to check the availability of your choices before you try them on and fall in love.

Does your school have a dress code? While it's tempting to throw the rules out the window for the perfect prom dress, we recommend sticking as closely as possible to the guidelines. After all, if you get sent home, no one's going to see you in your dream dress!

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Picking a Dress for a Girls' Night Out

The keys to a great girls’ night out are to have fun and feel your best. You can only feel your best when you look your best, which may mean wearing a beautiful cocktail dress. If you have gone through every cocktail and holiday dress in your closet, then you need something exceptional to stand out. Continue reading to see how a dress rental could be the key to a great girls’ night out.

When searching through your closet, you likely see the same outfits you wear all the time. Mix up your wardrobe with an inexpensive dress rental. With a dress rental, you can wear the latest fashions and designers. When you rent a cocktail dress, you can explore new styles that you wouldn’t normally wear or make a statement with bright colors and flashy designs.

Lending Luxury wants to help you and your friends have a great night with our gorgeous cocktail dresses in Tampa, FL. Call us at (800) 403-9848 the next time your friends are going out for a night on the town.

Galentine's Date Night

Time to celebrate the holiday of amore with the love of your life - your best friends! Happy Galentine's Day!

Ditch the dates and head out with your best girlfriends for a night of drinks, gossip, laughs, and most importantly...dessert! We've got some fun ideas for your ladies' night out listed below!

1. Did we mention we love dessert? Hit up the Melting Pot for a dessert only reservation (it's a thing!). Cheesecake, bananas, strawberries, rice crispie treats - all dipped in CHOCOLATE! You're welcome!

2. Hit up a fun chick flick like La La Land and sway and sing in your seats to the feel good music. Or say 'screw love' and see an action movie!

3. Champagne, it's not just for brunch! Have a sparkling night in or out and enjoy the bubbles and good company! Get dressed up and celebrate your love for each other!

4. OK we really love dessert. Try a new trendy confection like mini donuts or cookie dough cones. Don't forget the selfies or it didn't happen!

5. Make Galentine's cards for each other and shower your girls in complements and confidence. Who doesn't love a good boost (and dessert)!

How are you celebrating?

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