Tips for Walking in Platform High Heels

If your dress rental calls for platform high heels, then you may be worried about how to pull them off without that telltale unnatural gait of a platform novice. This video shows you how to get the look and walk like a pro.

Keep in mind that platform shoes are designed in the way they are to allow for a higher heel. Because of the higher heel, you will need to shift your weight forward more than you do with a standard high heel shoe. You should also keep your stride a little slower for more control over your steps.

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Dressing for a Summer Cocktail Party

Summer cocktail parties can be a little trickier to dress for than those held in cooler seasons. So many summer dresses are more casual and laidback than you might want for a cocktail party. Fortunately, cocktail dresses are available to rent online to help you get the perfect look without breaking a sweat—or breaking the bank.

Summer dresses for cocktail parties should be a little more formal than a typical sundress. Steer clear of anything with a miniskirt or strapless looks in favor of dresses that are knee-length to midi-length. Maxi dresses are not a typical cocktail dress choice: They will usually be either too casual or too formal for a cocktail event. Embrace the season with bright colors, or stay classic with a neutral shade.

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Figuring Out Summer Wedding Attire

We can all agree that Summer weddings are gorgeous and heaps of fun, but it's hard finding the right balance of summery colors, formal silhouettes, and lighter fabrics. When we're helping a customer shop for Summer events, we always have the same questions.

What's the dress code? This is always our number one question because we need to know which section to point you towards. Cocktail, formal, and even black-tie optional are going to have a lot more Summer-friendly options (ie, shorter options) that a straight up black tie reception that requires floor-length, maybe even a ball gown.

Where is the wedding? What we mean is, is it local (Florida) or maybe some cooler, northwestern state that doesn't have the same humidity worries as we do.

Is it outside? It's always helpful to know if part of the ceremony or reception will be held outdoors so you can choose skirt length, slits (aka ventilation), and sleeve options, when balancing comfort and appearance.

Are there any colors you need to stay away from? We want to make sure you're not going to look like you're trying to sneak into the wedding party or clash with the other Mother-in-law during photos. We have our favorite colors for formal weddings, but we want to hear yours too.

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Can You Wear White to a Wedding? Plus More Fashion FAQs Solved

When you have a big event around the corner, the last thing you want to do is to commit a fashion faux pas. There often seems to be many rules surrounding fashion, but then, are fashion rules really just made to be broken? When you’re shopping for a dress rental, these answers to common questions about the rules of fashion will help you make your decision.

Can you wear white to a wedding?
One of fashion’s most enduring questions is if it is ever OK for anyone besides the bride to wear white to a wedding. At one point in time, wearing white would have been seen as a deliberate slap in the face to the bride, but times are changing. Many fashion experts believe white is OK as long as the dress couldn’t be mistaken for a wedding dress. For example, a cocktail dress in white is fine, but a full-length, formal gown is not. However, others believe it’s best to save your white dress for another day. As a general rule of thumb, consider the bride and groom. If the pair is conservative, you may prefer to stick to traditional rules, while other brides and grooms may not care.

Can cocktail dresses be long?
Like most fashion rules, this one is shifting, but cocktail dresses should generally be knee-length and not longer than midi-length. Dressing in a long dress may make you look too formal. Save the long dress for a gala. On the flipside, keep in mind that cocktail dresses aren’t mini-dresses, either. Just above or just below the knee is the sweet spot.

Do you have to wear heels with a dress?
If the idea of wearing heels scares you, then you will be relieved to know that they are not a requirement. If you know that you don’t wear heels, steer clear of midi dresses in favor of full-length or cocktail dresses, and choose shoes with embellishments, so that they look appropriately formal.

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Dressing for a Black-Tie Summer Wedding

Black-tie weddings call for formal gowns, but when temperatures are hot, striking the line between comfort and a black-tie dress code can get a little more complicated. If you are invited to a summer wedding with a black-tie dress code, here are some ideas for selecting a dress.

Look for Summer Colors
Many of the same silhouettes you might wear to a winter black-tie wedding can work for a summer event, as long as you choose your colors wisely. Stay away from jewel tones and deep colors and look instead for pastels, tropical hues, and bright colors. Black is no longer off limits for weddings and can create a striking look any time of year. Although white is a great summer color, conventional wisdom says you should steer clear of this color as a wedding guest, unless the wedding you’re going to is non-traditional or you know the bride will be wearing another color.

Opt for Light Fabrics
Back-tie weddings often bring out lots of satin and taffeta, but these rich fabrics aren’t very breathable and can leave you feeling—and looking—sweaty and uncomfortable at a summer wedding. Instead of these fabrics, opt for a formal dress in chiffon or another breezy material. Chiffon looks upscale but is also airy and light, making it a good fit for a black-tie wedding in summer.

Play with Different Lengths
Although black tie once meant that a floor-length, formal gown was required, the definition has evolved. Longer cocktail dresses and midi dresses can look chic and be entirely appropriate for a black-tie dress code. These shorter dresses will give you a little more airiness in summer and can especially welcome for an outdoor wedding and reception.

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