Pia Toscano on Dancing With the Stars - Maybe Wearing Lending Luxury?

It’s the buzz everyone just can’t get enough of right now, Pia Toscano’s big performance coming up on Dancing With the Stars. There will be millions of people watching this big night, be sure to tune in With all of the options she has available to her, we are excited to possibly see her choosing a LendingLuxury.com dress! Below are some beautiful dresses we would love to see her in! Let us know what you think!

Watch Dancing With the Stars on ABC, Mondays 8/7c; Tuesdays 9/8c.

Rent It Like You Own It - Dress Like A Star

Check out some of the fabulous looks we have to offer you. LendingLuxury.com allows you to " Rent it Like You Own it" by offering couture dress, shirts and skirts at prices you can afford. Look like the stars without breaking the bank. With over 400 styles to choose from, you are sure to find the most fashion inspired outfit for any occasion.

When you rent from LendingLuxury.com our affordable price includes shipping both ways and insurance which is something you will not find anywhere else! Not only can you rent that perfect outfit but you can buy it for a price that you will not be able to beat!

To get more information or browse through our selection, please visit LendingLuxury.

Dress Like Your Favorite "Idols"

Just like the other millions of viewers of American Idol last night, I'm sure you were wondering where you could get the dress that Haley Reinhart was wearing.

Well, look no further!!

The designer is "Single" and this dress can be bought new for $432 or rented for $55.00 from LendingLuxury. That includes shipping both ways, drycleaning and insurance.

Please visit LendingLuxury for more information. We also have other looks that are similar in style.

Check out another celebrity wearing a dress you can get from Lending Luxury!!

Check out another celebrity wearing a dress you can get from Lending Luxury!!

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