Terani Couture Fashion Show Prom 2011

When it comes to designing unique and high-end prom dresses, Terani Couture is one of the most inspired designers out there. In this short video clip, you can watch the Terani Couture Fashion Show that showcases the stunning looks for prom 2011. Terani utilizes bold colors, unique cuts, and flattering shapes to create a stunning collection for this year’s prom season.

If you are interested in renting a designer prom dress, such as one from Terani, then visit Lending Luxury. We have a large selection of designer dresses and couture gowns that will be sure to amaze you. To browse our selection of designer garments and gowns, visit our website today or call us at (866) 556-2003.

Rent vs. Buy: The Advantages to Renting a Prom Dress for Your Special Evening

While high school senior boys may have to stress and plan the perfect way to ask their dream date to prom, it’s the girls who have to spend countless hours searching for the perfect prom dress. For a girl, a prom dress is a reflection of personal taste and character and should be unique, flattering, and gorgeous. So why should you consider renting a prom dress that will stun your date and the rest of your class? Here are three great reasons:

  • Save money. Let’s face it—prom can be an extremely expensive night. Between the limo rental, dinner, prom tickets, corsage, jewelry, shoes, and all of the other essential items that create the perfect prom experience, the costs of this special night quickly add up. You can help offset some of these costs by choosing to rent a beautiful dress instead of shelling out a small fortune on a dress that you will likely only wear once.
  • Step out in designer couture. What girl doesn’t want to don an expensive, couture dress from remarkable designers such as Betsy Johnson, Nicole Miller, or Badgley Mischka? By renting a designer dress, you will be able to wear a high quality couture dress for a fraction of the cost.
  • Be unique. Don’t be one of the girls who arrive at prom only to find out that there are three other girls wearing the exact same dress. By renting a dress for prom instead of buying one at your local mall, you will ensure that you have a unique and absolutely fabulous dress that will leave the rest of the prom party in awe.

If you are looking to rent the perfect prom dress or couture gown, browse the large selection of gorgeous dresses here at Lending Luxury. You will be sure to find the perfect statement dress among our inventory of rental and resale designer dresses. To browse our designer gowns, call us at (866) 556-2003 or visit our website today!

Who Wore It Better? Tell us What You Think!!

Who Wore It Better? Tell us What You Think!!

Pia Toscano in Jovani - Lending Luxury Knows How to Dress the Stars!

Pia Toscano in Jovani - Lending Luxury Knows How to Dress the Stars!

Mainstream Fashion: 2011 Summer Fashion Trends

Sometimes the latest fashion trends are replaced so quickly that it can be hard to keep track of what is considered “in” and what is considered “out.” Here is a quick look at the fashion trends for summer 2011 so that you know which looks to sport and which looks to leave untouched:

  • Statement Swimwear. As the days start getting longer and the weather starts getting warmer, you will be sure to see plenty of exposed swimwear. This year, look to buy bikinis or one-pieces that make a statement, such as those that are adorned with ruffles, straps, digital print, and cutouts.
  • Lace. While lace might not be the newest and hippest trend, the soft and dainty look it creates is what makes it popular for yet another season. Wearing a lace mini-dress is a sure way to make you feel pretty and charming.
  • Crochet and Macramé. This trend is especially popular for beach or pool cover-ups. Find a light crochet or macramé dress to throw on over your swimsuit, and head to the pool or beach to show off your style.
  • Stripes. It might seem like stripes are always in style, but this is because the nautical feeling of many striped looks always seems to fit so well in spring and summer.
  • Jumpsuits. While people either love or hate jumpsuits, they are one of the popular fashion trends for summer 2011. There are many different styles of jumpsuits that can add variety and edge to your summer wardrobe.
  • Crop Top. Show some midriff this summer by sporting a cute crop top and a pair of high-waisted shorts. This summer season, showing skin is in, so find shirts and dresses with subtle, yet sexy, cutouts.

If you are looking to enhance your grasp on fashion this summer, then visit Lending Luxury, where you can rent designer dresses and clothes at a fraction of the original price. For more information about our couture gowns and resale dresses, call us at (866) 556-2003 or visit our website today!

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