Lending Luxury in Style Watch Again!!

Check out another great article about Lending Luxury helping flood victims in People's Style Watch. We are so honored to be able to help these young girls and are excited to see everyone else supporting the cause as well.

Lending Luxury - On Philadelphia ABC 6 News

Philadelphia ABC 6 News did a story on Lending Luxury last night. The women of ABC News sure do love the styles of these dresses, what do you think?

"If a guy can rent a tux, why can't us women rent beautiful dress?" asks Sarah Porreca. It's an affordable way to look like a million buck and not have to spend it to get there.

To see the entire video, please visit ABC news.

American Idol - Down to the Top 3!!

Haley Reinhart just can't get enough of Lending Luxury! She sure knows how to pull off a beautiful dress like the Terani Couture dress she wore last week on Idol.

Check out this "Idol Fashion Recap" from SoyonAn.

Helping Flood Victims Feel Like a "Princess" - Lending Luxury

Sara Porreca and Jennifer Rosen have stepped up to the plate to help flood victims feel like they can have a magical night and forget all about the tragedy for at least one night. These amazing ladies have reached out to the flood victims all over the South to help them have as close to a normal prom as possible by providing prom dresses for girls to borrow and wear.

"We want to make sure these girls are smiling as they are dancing at their prom and accepting their diploma"

Check out this great article by Hanai Honey highlighting Lending Luxury and their powerful impact.

Couture Style Guide: What Makes a Dress Couture?

Dresses have always been regarded as the ultimate symbol of femininity. Women throughout history have adorned fabulous gowns and gorgeous dresses, giving them their reputation as the garment of a true lady. Dresses today come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs, allowing women to put together a limitless amount of great looks! Some are long and flowing, making for an air of elegance, while others are short and tight, making for a sexier look, and there are countless dresses that fall somewhere in between. While many dresses are casual-wear these days, there are plenty of designers who still believe a dress should be formal. The right dress can provide you with the perfect outfit for your special event.

Couture is one word you’re likely to hear when looking to rent high-end dresses. Couture dresses and gowns are all the rage because they offer uniquely beautiful designs and looks. In order to be classified as couture, a dress must come from a designer and meet some special criteria. These couture criteria include:

  • Designing custom dresses for clients. There are countless designers making dresses, but not all of them make custom dresses. Couture refers to the unique design of a dress, being either custom made to fit the client’s preferences or being a one-of-a-kind dress from a beloved designer.
  • Utilizing a Parisian workshop, or atelier . In order to truly be couture, designers must maintain a workshop in Paris with at least 15 full-time employees working with them.
  • Showing a collection of at least 35 looks to the Paris press twice a year. In order to maintain a couture title, designers must design and present a collection for each and every season.

While couture gowns will typically run you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, we make it easy for everyone to experience couture here at Lending Luxury. Renting couture dresses is a great way to feel like a celebrity for your big event. We have a great collection of over 400 styles of couture dresses to rent and purchase.

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