Updo DIY Tips

An updo is the perfect way to finish your look when you rent a designer dress or formal gown. The good news is that you don’t have to make a salon appointment to get an updo that is ready to show off. This video shows you how to create an updo at home that will look like you spent hours in a stylist’s chair.

This updo is best suited for hair that is collarbone length or longer. You’ll need bobby pins, clear elastics, and dry shampoo to pull off the look, along with a comb for teasing to add volume.

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What Type of Neckline is Best for You?

When you decide to rent a dress, the neckline will have a big impact on everything from how you wear your jewelry to how you style your hair. With so many different neckline options, it can be hard to narrow down your look and find the right the perfect dress for you. Fortunately, by considering how different necklines fit different body types, you can hone in on a dress that looks and feels great. Here is what you need to know.

Sweetheart Necklines
Sweetheart necklines can work for all body types. They make the neck look longer and draw the eyes to your natural curves. For large busts, sweetheart necklines highlight the cleavage so that the bust doesn’t look flattened or constrained. For small busts, it enhances curves. If you choose a sweetheart neck, choose for a dress with a simple bottom without a great deal of flounce, so that the neckline is the star of the look.

Halter Necklines
Halter necklines emphasize the shoulders, so they are ideal for narrow shoulders. Halter necks are also a good choice for tall bodies, but tend to be less favored by shorter people for the way they cut off the neck and reduce height. Halter necklines are often paired with sheath and column-style formal gowns or cocktail dresses.

Square Necklines
If you have a round face, opt for a square neckline. The angular lines of the neckline will sharpen the edges of a round face, making it look more slender and oval in shape. Square necklines are sometimes found in sleeveless styles, or they may feature cap sleeves or even off-the-shoulder sleeves. Square necklines are incorporated into many different styles of dressed, from sheathes to A-line cocktail dresses.

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How to Wear Heels Without the Pain

High-fashion dresses often require high heels, but that can often mean an evening of foot pain. Do you really have to suffer for fashion when you rent a dress? Fortunately, there are ways to get the look and wear those killer heels without spending an entire event in agony.

Start by choosing your heels wisely. Spiked stilettos are typically less comfortable than thicker heels and platform heels. Look for a set of heels with a minimal slope, and check out the padding on insoles to make sure there is adequate support for your feet. Adding cushioned insoles can make a tremendous difference the comfort of your heels. They are available in different shapes so that they can be attached to a range of different shoe styles without being visible.

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Have You Tried Lending Luxury Yet?

If you need a dress for a special event, why pay a hefty price, when you’re only going to wear it once? Lending Luxury solves that age-old problem with our dress rental service. You get access to everything from cocktail dresses to couture gowns at a fraction of the price, without having to hit the mall.

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How to be Comfortable in Heels

It’s hard to pull off a couture gown in flats, but the pain of wearing heels is enough to make you consider it. The good news is that heels don’t have to be quite as painful as you think. You can match the heels that look the best with your dress rental without resigning yourself to being agony all evening with these tips for making heels more comfortable on your feet.

Start by wearing your heels in. Put on a pair of socks and wear them around the house before your big night to stretch them out and get used to how they feel. Avoid choosing shoes that you know will give you problems, such as those with pointy toes. Placing cushioned inserts into your shoes will also make even the stiffest pair of heels more comfortable.

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