The Curvy Girl's Guide to Choosing Formal Dresses

You may think that dressing for your curves is difficult, but it can be done easily enough with a little help. You can pick the perfect formal gown or homecoming dress for your size and curves, and you will feel more beautiful than ever. Read on for a quick guide to help you get started.

Identify Your Curves
There are different types of curves, such as the hourglass figure, busty, apple, and pear. It is important to identify and understand what type of curves you have, so you can choose the appropriate dress style. For example, hourglass figures look great in “fit and flare” formal dresses, because the waist appears slimmer.

Choose Darker Tones
Dark tones or patterns help visually slim down your body. If you are attending a black-tie affair, then you may consider a full-length, black dress rental that will flatter your curves and visually elongate your body. You can also choose darker jewel tones, such as sapphire or emerald, to maintain a slim-looking figure and show off some color.

Take Good Measurements
When you are choosing a dress rental online, then you need to have a close approximation of your true size. Online boutiques and rental stores will often have a measurement scale that shows how their specific sizes match up with body measurements. Use a flexible measuring tape to find out your bust, hip, and waist size. Use these measurements to find the perfect formal dress rental on the first try.

Avoid Body-Breaking Styles
Body breaking refers to dresses or outfits that use blocks of color for the top and bottom part of the outfit. For example, a formal dress with a white top and blue skirt could “break your body” and appear unflattering. Look for dresses that use a consistent color or pattern throughout the entire outfit.

Choose Lending Luxury for all your formal wear and special occasion dresses near Tampa, FL. We can help you look and feel beautiful no matter your size or shape. Please call us at (800) 403-9848 to learn more about our selection.

What You Need to Know About Dressing for Formal Night on Cruises

If you and your loved ones are planning to get away on a cruise ship this summer, you will need to make sure that you bring attire for both formal and casual occasions. While much of your time on the cruise will be spent in more casual settings, there may be one or more formal evenings where you will need to dress up. With a designer dress rental, you can find the perfect outfit for your dressy evening. Let’s take a look at what you need to know about dressing for formal night on a cruise.

Consider Wearing an Evening Gown
When a formal night is on your cruise schedule, you can expect that everyone will come dressed to impress. Typically, cruise ships have dress codes for their formal occasions. You may ask ahead to determine whether you will need to wear an evening gown or cocktail dress to the event. When in doubt, a designer evening gown always makes a formal and classy statement.

Evaluate Dressy Alternatives
If you are the type of woman who does not prefer to wear evening gowns or other types of classic formal attire, you may want to seek out a dressy alternative to wear to the cruise ship’s formal night. In many instances, a dressy pant suit will be perfectly appropriate to wear on deck.

Bring Shoes and Jewelry
No formal outfit will be complete without the perfect accessories. A statement necklace, elegant bracelet, and subtle earrings will all complement your evening gown beautifully. Additionally, you will also want to pick out shoes that are dressy, yet comfortable enough to wear on the deck of a boat.

At Lending Luxury, we can provide you with the perfect formal gown to bring with you on your upcoming cruise. Our company is pleased to rent designer dresses near Tampa, and we will help you find a dress rental that fits you perfectly. Give us a call at (800) 403-9848 to hear more about our luxury lending services.

Picking the Right Shapewear for Your Body

Shapewear is a staple in many women’s wardrobes. In this video from Paula Joye, you will learn all about how to pick the right shapewear for your body type. When you are choosing shapewear, you will want to look for a garment that is both flattering and comfortable. With the right shapewear, you will be able to achieve a sleek silhouette under your prom dress rental.

For additional information about how you can rent designer dresses in Tampa, contact Lending Luxury. Our website offers many different types of gala dresses, and we will be happy to help you pick out the prom dress rental of your dreams. To learn all about our featured designers, give us a call at (800) 403-9848.

Tips for Choosing the Best Shoes for Your Dress

When you rent a formal gown, your outfit will be incomplete until you find the perfect shoes to match the cut and style of your dress. While some dresses look great when they are paired with chunky wedges or flashy heels, other dresses are better suited to flat sandals or nude pumps. With services from a designer dress rental company, you will be able to easily pick out accessories to match with your outfit. Read on to learn some tips that will help you choose the right shoes for your dress rental.

Consider Dress ColorIn order to pick out the right shoes for your dress, you can start by considering the color of your dress, itself. A bright dress that is made out of a vibrant red, pink, or orange fabric may look great when it is paired with black or neutral colored shoes. A more understated black dress, by contrast, may pop when it is coordinated with colorful shoes that make a statement.

Think About Your Accessories
Ideally, you will want to match your shoes to your accessories, such as your jewelry and purse. If your jewelry is gold, your shoes should not be a contrasting shade of silver. To completely coordinate your outfit, you can even match your shoe color and material to your purse.

Evaluate Heel Height
Heel height is a final consideration for choosing shoes to match your dress. Your most important priority is to ensure that you are able to walk comfortably in your shoes. Longer dresses, such as evening gowns, are often designed to be worn with taller heels.

When you are in need of a dress rental serving Tampa, look no further than Lending Luxury. Our dress boutique carries all types of high fashion dresses, and we will be able to dress you perfectly for your next occasion. Call us at (800) 403-9848 to schedule a dress rental fitting with our team of fashion consultants.

Finishing Touches: Matching Your Hairstyle to Your Dress [INFOGRAPHIC]

After you find the perfect dress, the finishing touch you need to pull your look together is the right hairstyle. Matching your hairstyle to your dress will make you look your best so that both you and your dress shine. The key to getting the right hairstyle is to consider the neckline of the dress. For instance, if you’re wearing a one-shoulder dress, you don’t want to let your hair cover up your bare shoulder, so go for a loose side braid. You can learn more about matching your hair to your dress in this infographic from Lending Luxury. High-fashion dresses, formal wear, and couture dresses are available from our dress rental service at a fraction of the full price. To find a look you love, visit our website or our dress rental shop in Tampa, FL. Help everyone else out there struggling to decide how to get the perfect hair after they’ve found the perfect dress by sharing this infographic.

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