How to Pick a Dress for Your Body Type

The key to finding a dress you’ll feel confident in and be excited to show off is understanding which looks suit your body type the best. When you rent a dress, look for one that accentuates your favorite features, so that the dress fits comfortably and you feel great while wearing it. These tips can apply to any kind of dress, from shorter cocktail dress to long, formal gowns.

If you have an hourglass shape, define your waistline.
If have a curvy bust and hips and your waistline is your smaller than your hips, look for dresses that define your waist. Belted dresses are also a good option, as youare dresses with elbow-length sleeves, which will also draw eyes to your waist. For sleeveless dresses, look for tank-style tops or cap sleeves. Empire waist and fit-and-flare dresses are also good options.

If you have an athletic shape, show off your arms.
If your weight is evenly proportioned throughout your body and you don’t claim to be curvy, then you have an athletic shape. Forgo sleeves, as any sleeveless dress will show off your slim arms and neckline. Halter styles are also good for this body type, and high-necklines will create a dramatic look and make your bust appear curvier.

If you have an apple shape, play up your top half.
Apple shapes tend to carry their weight in the lower part of their bodies, so dresses that accentuate your top half create balance. Strapless styles are perfect for apple shapes, as are A-line dresses and wrap dresses. For length, look for styles that hit at or below the knee. For floor-length styles, make sure it is balanced with a V-neck or plunging neckline.

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Tips to Pick a Prom Dress

With so many beautiful prom dress rentals available, it’s hard to choose just one. It can be helpful—and more fun—to bring along a friend when you visit the dress boutique. Let your friend know that you’re looking for honest feedback. Do a little research before you start browsing. Your school probably has some wardrobe guidelines to follow. Make sure your choice falls within these guidelines.

When you try on dresses, move around in them. Don’t be afraid to dance a little in the boutique, since you’ll want to know that you can comfortably dance in the dress at the prom. Before making your final selection, consider accessories. Should the dress be worn with a strapless or halter bra? Do you have earrings to match? It can be helpful to rent a prom dress that leaves you a little wiggle room in your budget, in case you need to purchase accessories. In the end, go with your gut instinct. If you fall in love with a particular dress, even if it’s the first one you try on, then that’s the right dress for you.

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Meet Betsey Johnson and Try Her Groundbreaking Designs

When you rent designer dresses, your primary focus is probably on the color, cut, fabric, and style details. But the story behind how that dress came into being can be even more intriguing than the question of which shoes to pair with it. Long before young ladies were turning to the Betsey Johnson label for school dance dresses, Betsey was busy developing her talent for dance and her eye for art.

Betsey Johnson’s Early Life
Betsey was born in 1942 in Connecticut. During her early years, she showed a remarkable talent for both dancing and drawing. Betsey loved to sketch costume ideas for her dance recitals, and both of these hobbies led to her groundbreaking career in fashion. According to Biography, Betsey has said, “I realized that making clothes is completing what a drawing can't be—going from two dimensional to reality." Designing fashion-forward dresses was Betsey’s way of blending her two first loves in life.

Betsey Johnson’s Early Career
Shortly after college graduation, Betsey won a Guest Editor Contest at Mademoiselle magazine. This opened the door to a job in the art department, followed by a job as a designer at Paraphernalia. During her early career, Johnson was responsible for pioneering the “Youthquake” movement, along with Andy Warhol and designer Mary Quant. She became known for whimsical, fun designs that used atypical fabrics, bright colors, low waists, and puffed sleeves.

Betsey Johnson’s Personal Fashion Label
By the mid-70s, Johnson’s customer base had grown up and moved on to clothes suitable for the workplace. She made ends meet doing freelance design work, but it wasn’t long before the punk fashion movement revitalized her career ambitions. She partnered with Chantal Bacon, an ex-model, to create the Betsey Johnson label. In 1978, they opened their first store in SoHo. Now, there are 65 Betsey Johnson stores all around the world. Johnson’s designs now grace luxury items like handbags, jewelry, and footwear.

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Quick Fashion Tricks Every Girl Needs to Know

Every woman picks up a few ingenious fashion hacks here and there, like renting designer dresses for special events instead of shelling out hundreds to buy them. For a whole slew of fashion hacks to add to your arsenal, watch this featured video. You’ll learn everything from how to do a perfect shirt cuff every time to how to fix a broken zipper in just seconds.

One fashion trick addresses something both girls and guys will inevitably encounter at some point: deodorant smudges. Don’t use water to try to get the deodorant out—it won’t work. Instead, gently rub an unscented dryer sheet over the smudge.

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How to Dress for Your Complexion

Want to know a secret that professional stylists use to keep Hollywood celebs looking their best? It starts with an analysis of your skin tone. When you determine whether your skin tone is warm, cool, or neutral, it’ll be much easier to put together a wardrobe in the color palette that flatters you. Knowing your skin tone will also make it easier to choose a designer dress rental.

Dressing for Warm Skin Tones
Women with warm skin tones typically have hair that ranges from dark brown to dark blonde, and a complexion that has yellowish or greenish undertones. This includes olive skin tones. The colors that flatter warm skin tones include amber, orange, red, and gold. If you venture into the cool colors for your dress rentals, choose from very warm shades of greens and blues, and reddish-purples.

Dressing for Cool Skin Tones
Cool skin tones have undertones of bluish shades. This can include women with complexions that range from very fair to very dark. Some examples of celebs with cool skin tones are Viola Davis and Cate Blanchett. Choose from cool colors like sapphire, emerald, amethyst, lilac, and bright blue. If you choose a warm color, go for ruby, cerise, or shocking pink (not hot pink).

Dressing for Neutral Skin Tones
Most women with neutral skin tones have hazel eyes and hair with multiple tones. They also have trouble figuring out if they’re cool or warm. Some great neutral colors include dusty pink, light peach, and cameo green. Be wary of very vibrant, “loud” colors.

Wearing Non-Flattering Colors You Love
If you fall in love with a particular hue that doesn’t flatter your complexion, you can still work it into your outfit. Wear it as a skirt or pants, so that it’s farther away from your face. Or, wear the color as an accessory. Look for shoes, a handbag, or jewelry in the color you love.

Women of all complexions, sizes, and style preferences can find what they’re looking for at Lending Luxury. Why buy when you can rent a designer dress in Tampa, FL, for less? Give us a call at (800) 403-9848 if you need assistance, or stop by our formal wear shop.

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