Advice for Finding Your Perfect Prom Dress

Prom season is beginning, and that means you need to find your perfect prom dress. When you begin looking for a prom dress rental, gather your close friends or family and schedule an appointment with a local shop. Always remember to find the perfect dress for yourself, not those you bring along for a second opinion. For further information on finding the perfect prom dress rental, read below.

Book an Appointment
Find a local dress shop or dress rental location that will allow you to book a one-on-one session with a stylist. This focused time with an expert will give you the opportunity to discuss your likes, dislikes, and concerns. Your stylist will know what she has in stock, and she can help you find the perfect prom dress that will suit your personality and your body type.

Bring Close Friends
It is always best to bring a few friends, your mom, or your close relatives to your appointment. You need the advice individuals who will have your best interests in mind. These friends or family members should feel comfortable telling you the truth about how a formal gown looks on you. They should also know you well enough to pick up on subtle clues that you like or dislike a dress. Avoid bringing a large entourage to your dress shopping appointment. If you have too many competing voices and personalities, then you may become overwhelmed and choose a dress you secretly dislike.

Choose for Your Comfort
Choose the prom dress that you feel the best in. If a dress makes you feel uncomfortable—perhaps it is too tight, revealing, or an unflattering color—then you do not need to follow the current fashion trends. Your prom is an exciting event in your life, so choose the dress that will make it memorable.

If you want to know where to rent a prom dress near Tampa, FL, then call Lending Luxury at (800) 403-9848. We rent prom dresses, homecoming dresses, and holiday dresses in Tampa for your convenience. Please call us to learn more about how to rent a beautiful dress this prom season.

Fashion Tips for the Mother of the Bride

A designer dress rental for the mother of the bride can include a variety of dresses. The mother of the bride can wear a semi-formal cocktail dress or a formal gown. Let’s look at tips to help the mother of the bride find the perfect dress.

  • As seen in the video, the mothers of the bride and the groom should consult with each other before finalizing their dress rentals. They do not need to match, but they should complement each other.
  • Both mothers should also consult with the bride and groom. They may have a specific color palette that they wish for family members to wear.
  • They should steer away from white or off-white dresses, especially if the bride is wearing white.

Lending Luxury can locate the perfect special occasion dress near Tampa, FL, so please call us at (800) 403-9848. Let us make the mothers of the happy couple look as beautiful as possible.

Looking For That Edge

Edgy Prom Dresses are in high demand right now, and rightfully so! We love the bold accents and confident silhouettes this year!

Look for details that make your dress stand out like interesting cutouts, with or without sheer...

We love these sexy cutouts of the Craving Cutout Gown by Abyss. Their dresses are almost always considered edgy, so if that's what you're going for, definitely check out their page. The best part is their rental fees are almost always under $100! Get that look you want and stay way under budget!

Or new or assymetric necklines...

Faviana is another designer that is always on trend! We love the high halter neckline and open sides and strappy back of the Sophisticated Halter Gown. Check off all the boxes by shopping their page. Their silhouettes are sexy and daring, with a splash off fun colors!

And different colors than you're used to seeing...

While Clarisse usually stays within the fun & flirty range of prom dresses, they do have some edgy designs as well. Check out the embellishment on the Tempting Cutout Cobalt Gown. We also have it in black if you're not ready to jump into color yet. Check out Clarisse's page to shop their other looks. We also recommend Jasz Couture for some dresses on the sexier side!

Shop all of our PROM dresses at!

Fashion Fixes for Plunging Necklines

When your dress rental has a plunging neckline, then you need a simple fashion fix to make your dress look flawless. Your bra’s straps, back wings, and center gore may be visible underneath a dress with a plunging neckline. Read on for more information about how to replace your bra and still wear a plunging, high fashion dress.

The center gore is the string of fabric and underwire that join the two cups together at the front of your bra. When you wear a dress with a plunging neckline, you will need a way to replace your bra without showing the center gore. You can choose breast lift tape, a Reveal Bra, or fashion tape. These items will maintain the shape of your breasts, maintain modesty by preventing your dress rental from moving, and ensure that there are no straps or center gores to be seen through your dress’ neckline.

Whether you need a formal gown or a fun cocktail dress in Tampa, FL, call Lending Luxury for all of your dress needs. We can help style, accessorize, and fix all parts of your outfit once you call us at (800) 403-9848.

3 Curvy Girl Shopping Tips

Tips for our curvy shoppers from our curvy stylist ;)

1. Support the girls!

Look for bodices that will allow you to wear a bra, whether with or without straps depending on the amount of support you need! Before you even bother trying it on, check out the width of the straps and how low the back is. Is there sheer panels that the bra might show through? Often a nude bra will camoglauge nicely. I've been known to wear a black bra under black mesh without batting an eye!

2. Show off that waist!

This is the oldest trick in the book! Show off the smallest part of your waist, whether it's your natural waist or right under your bust. Draw the eyes there! Look for details on the gown like a waistband or the beginning of pleats or sparkling embellishments. In this case, we went with an empire waistband of beads and crystals!

3. Don't drown yourself in fabric!

Adding extra fabric just adds extra width. Look at these images, same model, two different gowns. The green dress has a lot more extra fabric around her waist and hips than the blue dress, making her appear wider on the left. While you don't have to go as fitted as the blue dress, I like to keep the fabric close to my body. It's a matter of choosing the right fabric too. Thicker fabric won't show off problem areas or cellulite like thin, silky fabric might. Look for thick jersey, polyester or satin.

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