The Short Girl's Guide to Long Dresses

Petite women often feel limited in their wardrobe options. It can be tough to wear long dresses when you’re only 5’3”—or shorter. Fortunately, a few simple strategies and the right designer dress rental can accentuate every girl’s natural beauty. Get started finding your perfect dress with the following tips.

Pick the right print.
Prints that are too “busy” tend to overwhelm a small frame, but this doesn’t mean you have to stick to monochromatic prints only. Just match the pattern to your size. If you’re thin, wear a dress with a small print. Petite women who are of average or plus size can wear medium prints. Do try to avoid horizontal stripes, and look for a print that flows from top to bottom. In other words, don’t try a dress with two separate prints for the top and bottom.

Wear a flattering cut.
As a short woman, the cut that will flatter you best is one that is close to the body. Choose long dresses with soft or silk fabrics, preferably those that are cut on the bias. Avoid dresses made from stiff materials that balloon around your frame. Petite women often prefer an empire waist, as this can give the illusion of greater height.

Add some height.
Match your couture dress with a great pair of heels to give yourself a couple of extra inches. Just make sure that your heels aren’t so tall that they’re difficult to walk in. Additionally, your heels shouldn’t be tall enough to turn your floor length gown into an ankle length gown.

Use hemming tape.
You could spend a small fortune in custom tailoring, or you could take a DIY approach with hemming tape. Even if you’re in the habit of renting your designer dresses, you can use temporary hemming tape. Any long dress you purchase can be easily modified with permanent hemming and/or tape. Lending Luxury also offers temporary invisible stitched hems for an additional charge, depending on the fabric.

Thanks to Lending Luxury, women of all heights and shapes can rent gorgeous designer dresses that flatter. And if you fall in love with your dress rental, you can purchase it at an affordable price. Call us at (800) 403-9848 or visit our dress boutique in Tampa, FL.

How to Pose for Prom Photos

Prom photos are something you can keep for the rest of your life, so you want them to turn out the best they possibly can. Whether you plan to frame them or post them on social media, you certainly don’t want prom photos you don’t like. In addition to looking and dressing your best, you’ll also want to know how to pose for prom photos, which you will learn in this infographic from Lending Luxury.

4 Pre Prom Party Ideas

Take the stress out of prom night by doing something fun to shake off those nerves. Most teens opt for a fancy dinner but why not make it a more meaningful and unique night out with your friends with some of these ideas.

1. Make getting ready into a party. You all have to do it, why not have a good time, movie montage style and help each other with all the makeup, hair, and zippers!

2. Chill at brunch! Assuming you're all going to be busy hitting appointments and picking up last minute items, plan a brunch to make sure everyone has a real meal that day and chat about the earrings you're deciding between.

3. Take a city tour in your gowns to show off your dream dresses and cute dates. Instead of renting an expensive limo, see if there's a city tour that ends near your dinner or dance location.

4. Make a mini spa appointment and have everyone get their nails done or get a relaxing facial together. You're going to do it anyway, might as well make it a bonding experience!

Rent the perfect dress for your formal event from Lending Luxury. We bring you couture dresses at price points you can afford, so you can get a carpet look for less. Call us today at (800) 403-9848 to learn more about formal dress rental in Tampa, FL.

Tips for Adding a Shawl to Your Formal Attire

High fashion dresses demand excellent accessories, and an elegant shawl can be the perfect way to add a splash of color and give yourself that effortlessly “put together” look. Watch this video to see a demonstration of three ways to add a shawl to a formal designer dress rental.

Gala dresses often bare the shoulders, but sometimes, a modest look is more appropriate. One great way to wear a shawl is to drape it over your shoulders so that the two ends dangle in front. Then, draw the two ends under your arms and tie them loosely in your mid-back area.

Still need the perfect dress to go with your favorite shawl? Head over to Lending Luxury in Tampa, FL to browse our formal event dresses, or call us at (800) 403-9848.

The After Party Special: Save on a 2nd Dress

We all know the party doesn't stop after Prom. Be stylish, cool and ultra hot even after the lights come on! Leave the sparkles on the dress, your after outfit should cool and fashionable yet somewhat sophisticated. Check out Teen Vogue and their do's and don's for After Party playful dresses.

Not sure what you want to do after Prom... so many options, beach for a fun firepit party, house party, etc. Take this fun quiz on what after party plan would be perfect for you and then you can decide what to wear to make the night perfect. Plus, did we mention...


If your looking for a fun relaxed outfit, then short and carefree is the way to go. Look for stretchy fabric or a style that is more flowy than fitted. OR, if your looking to stand out and keep the party going all night, opt for a dress that has the edge you need to keep the energy up.

So after all the planning for Prom and and the night simmers down, get ready to still look fab and trendy! Your make up and hair still look good and now your outfit will too! If your still questioning what to wear, check out the best of the best after party prom outfits!

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