Perfect Hot Weather Wedding Attire

It's hot in Florida and the rest of the country is about to follow suit. We're also in the middle of Wedding Season, and it seems that brides really enjoy outdoor ceremonies, no matter how formal the reception. Be prepared with these hand-picked, hot weather approved gowns and cocktail dresses!

When the invitation says COCKTAIL ATTIRE

This is your chance to get dressed up and still show off some leg! Choose a cocktail dress that has some flourish to it; don't be afraid of embellishments! Just watch the hemline and how much skin you're showing. You can't go wrong with colors here (except white!) so if your go to look is black, go for it! This marsal cocktail dress is perfect for an evening wedding reception and will look amazing in those family photos!

When the invitation says CASUAL ATTIRE

Just because it says casual, doesn't mean you get to show up in your leggings (we wish!). Opt for a more subdued look, like this lightly beaded jersey dress, or even a sundress with a pop of color. Colors are a little more limited so stay away from black, bright red, and always white. Tan and blush are OK, especially if you're trying to stay cool at a beach wedding.

When the invitation doesn't say anything!

Err on the side of caution and pick a dress that falls between cocktail and casual. It's always better to be overdressed right? This flirty little flower dress is fun enough to go either way on the dressed up spectrum and still looks completely wedding appropriate. Once again, unless it's an evening wedding, black is crossed off the list, so look for light or bright colors to match the season.

When the invitation says FORMAL ATTIRE or BLACK TIE

Now is your chance to play some serious dress up! Find a floor length gown that shows off your curves or has just the right amount of sparkle (but we're not talking prom, here). This navy gown is perfectly light with just a touch of embellishments at your shoulders, right where all those selfies focus! If it's a black tie wedding, you can get a little more dramatic with the style and colors. Black is always an option for any formal occasion, weddings are no longer an exception. We just recommend staying clear of white and red, and any necklines or low backs that might show a little too much skin.

When the invitation says SEMI FORMAL or DRESSY CASUAL

How confusing is that? We recommend choosing a floor length gown with little to no embellishments. A solid jersey would do well, but a fun and flowy print like the multi-color dress above would be wonderful for a beach wedding. The fabric is so light and the print is so fun, you could wear this gown all summer long.

When the invitation doesn't say anything!

If it's an evening wedding, chances are it's meant to be formal. A lace dress is a sure hit for a wedding. This navy lace dress has a little bit of sparkle to it but you can easily find a similar style that's more subdued. Lace is very versatile and can be worn as casual, cocktail or formal, depending on the cut and style of the dress. Whether you decide to wear short or long, it's an easy fabric to pull off.

Fore more ideas on what to wear to a wedding for any season check out our Board!

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A Guide to Black-Tie Gala Fashion

Black-tie dress codes are often confusing for many people. They are unsure of the dress style or suit color to wear, and it can lead to unneeded stress before a fun event. However, there are certain hints—such as the invitation style and event location—that can help guests decide which outfit or dress rental to reserve. Here is a brief guide to black-tie gala fashion:

Consider the Invitation
The invitation to a black-tie event can provide several hints for how to dress. For example, a mailed invitation with sophisticated calligraphy and heavy cardstock typically signals that this will be a high-class and fancy event. Women will likely want to wear a floor-length, couture gown, and men will wear tuxedos. If the invitation is sent through social media or even through email, then the dress code may be less strict. Women can wear an attractive pantsuit or cocktail dress, and men can wear a nice suit.

Research the Location
The location of the event can help style an outfit as well. If the gala is being held in a high-class ballroom, then strict formal wear is required. If the gala will be held on the patio of a ranch house or restaurant, then cocktail dresses and suits are acceptable. Researching a location is also important to decide what type of shoes to wear. A grassy or gravelly location will make it difficult to walk in stiletto heels, so women may wish to wear wedges or heels with a thicker base.

Ask for Clarification
If there is any confusion or doubt as to the dress code, then it is acceptable to ask the host for clarification. It is polite to ask the host before the event rather than to show up in the wrong style of outfit.

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Tips for Doing Your Prom Makeup

There are many components to making a flawless prom appearance, such as a beautiful prom dress rental and gorgeous makeup. Watch the attached video and read below for helpful tips to have flawless prom makeup.

  • Accentuate your best features, such as beautiful skin or a memorable eye color.
  • Use a lightweight concealer and dab a minimal amount over discolored areas or acne.
  • Reduce shine with a non-shimmering powder, and apply it to the “t-zone” on the face.

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Summer Formal Wear Guide Part Two

When the weather turns warm, it definitely shapes the decisions we make regarding our wardrobe. Whether you live in Florida or not, you've probably considered how in the world you are going to regulate your body temperature in a gown at an outdoor wedding in May. We put together some of our strategically chosen favorite cocktail dresses and gowns to get us through the season...

Part Two: Gowns

What do you do when the invitation says 'black tie'? Break out the floor length gowns, regardless of the weather forecast. It's not that much of a sacrifice; who doesn't like playing dress up for an evening? The main thing to consider when choosing a gown appropriate for the heat wave we've come to expect in our hometown is fabric weight. Look for light, airy, flowing skirts, or again, jersey that will allow your skin to breathe. Also check the lining and count the layers. There might be chiffon billowing beautifully in the breathe, but underneath there are 2 layers of polyester that will be sticking to your legs but the end of the night.

Here are some excellent choices in terms of weight and comfort. Tell us your fave!

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Summer Formal Wear Guide Part One

When the weather turns warm, it definitely shapes the decisions we make regarding our wardrobe. Whether you live in Florida or not, you've probably considered how in the world you are going to regulate your body temperature in a gown at an outdoor wedding in May. We put together some of our strategically chosen favorite cocktail dresses and gowns to get us through the season...

Part One: Cocktail

Short dresses are a little easier to figure out, but there are still things you want to consider. Make sure that a shorter length is appropriate for the event. Even if the invitation say 'black tie optional' or 'formal' you can still chose a cocktail dress that is embellished enough to make up for the hem. Also think about the weight of the fabric and whether or not you'll be spending some time in the sun. Heavier fabrics are definitely going to make you sweat and delicate fabrics, like silk, are going to give away your prespiration immediately. We chose a majority of jersey blend fabrics that breathe.

Tell us your fave!

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