Using Lending Luxury to Solve Your Cruise Wear Dilemmas

Lending Luxury is dedicated to providing beautiful couture dresses and boutique outfits for any occasion, including a cruise on the open water. With our dress rental program, we can help you choose the perfect outfits for all events on your upcoming cruise. Let’s take a closer look at how Lending Luxury can help your cruise wear dilemmas.

Examine Your Selection
There is a vast selection of cruise wear for causal and formal events. Lending Luxury carries beautiful and luxurious formal gowns and cocktail dresses. These outfits can be worn during formal, evening events and special dinners with your loved one. Lending Luxury also carries casual cruise wear for fashionable lounging on the ship deck or during your fun excursions on land. You can find beautiful tops, summer dresses, and sporty rompers.

Rent the Wardrobe
The great thing about Lending Luxury is your ability to find the perfect outfits for your cruise and rent them risk-free, for a fraction of the price. You can find a range of outfits—from formal gowns to fashionable tops—and you won’t have to break the bank to wear them on your cruise. You simply rent dresses and outfits for the number of days you will need them, and you can enjoy your cruise as a resident fashionista.

Enjoy the Cruise
When you have received your rented dresses and outfits, then you can easily pack up your suitcase for a fun and exciting cruise. Wear your beautiful and luxurious outfits during the different cruise events and on land excursions. Take this time to enjoy a wonderful cruise with your friends and family. You won’t have to worry about doing laundry when you get back. You can send your rented clothes back in their prepaid shipping box, and you can enjoy relaxing after your amazing time on the water.

Choose Lending Luxury for all of your outfitting needs. Whether you need casual or formal wear in Tampa, FL, we can find the perfect outfit for you. Please visit us online or call us at (800) 403-9848 to learn more.

Your Guide to Dressing for Black-Tie Weddings in the Summer

Black-tie weddings usually require a strict dress code, which may include long, formal gowns and black tuxedos. The same is mostly true for black-tie weddings scheduled for summertime. However, women can change their dress rentals to cocktail dresses, and men can add a bit of color to their tuxedos. Read on for a quick guide to dressing for a black-tie summer wedding.

Wear a Cocktail Dress
It is acceptable to wear a cocktail dress during a black-tie summer wedding. The cocktail dress should be made from a high-quality material, such as silk or chiffon. It should not be too revealing, so opt for a dress that is not too short and does not have a revealing top. A black-tie cocktail dress should come in a rich and dark jewel tone, such as emerald or sapphire.

Dress up a Long Gown
Long, formal gowns are conventional attire for women at a black-tie wedding. However, women can dress up their long gowns for a summer wedding. The formal event dress should still be made from a high-quality material, like silk or chiffon, but it can come in beautiful and rich colors. In addition to bright, jewel tones—such as ruby, amethyst, and aquamarine—a long, formal gown can be dressed up with jewelry and strappy summer shoes.

Color up a Tuxedo
Men are still expected to wear tuxedos to a black-tie summer wedding. However, men can choose a white coat instead of a black coat. They must still wear black trousers, but the white coat will look attractive and feel more comfortable in the summer sun. Men can also choose to wear a colored or patterned bowtie. They can choose a fun print to match the wedding theme or stick with a simple color.

Find every type of formal gown or cocktail dress in Tampa, FL with the help of Lending Luxury. We carry several outfits to match any style of wedding or event. Learn more about renting a dress by calling us at (800) 403-9848.

Choosing Undergarments for a Backless Dress

If you rented a dress that has little to no back on it, then you need to find the right undergarments to show off the dress, your back, and nothing else. Backless dresses and formal gowns can be easily paired with undergarments that will ensure the gown fits well and shows off your back. Here are the ways to choose the right undergarments for your backless dress:

  • Examine different fashion fixes that specifically address backless dresses and tops. These might be nude-colored breast cups or breast lifting tape. You may also see bras with a low-back strap option.
  • Try on the different undergarments to ensure they fit comfortably.
  • Put your rented dress over each undergarment to inspect how the whole outfit looks. Check the back to see if any undergarments can be seen.

Lending Luxury carries dress rentals online, as well as fashion fixes for almost any type of issue. We carry breast cups, lift tape, and hem tape to ensure you always get the perfect fit. Call us at (800) 403-9848 to find a fashion fix and rent a dress near Tampa, FL.

Using Our Virtual Stylist Tool

Lending Luxury is in the business of making women feel great about themselves and their bodies. That is why the Virtual Stylist gives so many options to help choose the perfect outfit or dress rental. Let’s take a quick look at how to use Lending Luxury’s Virtual Stylist feature.

The Virtual Stylist option features various selections for eye color, skin color, body type, dress size, and preferred body feature to accentuate. These options and more allow clients the opportunity to find the perfect dress rental to fit any body type. Once the client clicks all of the options she wants, then several outfit choices become available. These choices range from cocktail dresses to formal wear to casual tops.

Try out Lending Luxury’s Virtual Stylist tool and find the perfect dress rental online near Tampa, FL. We help hundreds of clients find and reserve beautiful designer dresses and outfits to match any type of event. Please visit us online and call us at (800) 403-9848 to learn more about our extensive styling tools and dress rentals.

Perfect Hot Weather Wedding Attire

It's hot in Florida and the rest of the country is about to follow suit. We're also in the middle of Wedding Season, and it seems that brides really enjoy outdoor ceremonies, no matter how formal the reception. Be prepared with these hand-picked, hot weather approved gowns and cocktail dresses!

When the invitation says COCKTAIL ATTIRE

This is your chance to get dressed up and still show off some leg! Choose a cocktail dress that has some flourish to it; don't be afraid of embellishments! Just watch the hemline and how much skin you're showing. You can't go wrong with colors here (except white!) so if your go to look is black, go for it! This marsal cocktail dress is perfect for an evening wedding reception and will look amazing in those family photos!

When the invitation says CASUAL ATTIRE

Just because it says casual, doesn't mean you get to show up in your leggings (we wish!). Opt for a more subdued look, like this lightly beaded jersey dress, or even a sundress with a pop of color. Colors are a little more limited so stay away from black, bright red, and always white. Tan and blush are OK, especially if you're trying to stay cool at a beach wedding.

When the invitation doesn't say anything!

Err on the side of caution and pick a dress that falls between cocktail and casual. It's always better to be overdressed right? This flirty little flower dress is fun enough to go either way on the dressed up spectrum and still looks completely wedding appropriate. Once again, unless it's an evening wedding, black is crossed off the list, so look for light or bright colors to match the season.

When the invitation says FORMAL ATTIRE or BLACK TIE

Now is your chance to play some serious dress up! Find a floor length gown that shows off your curves or has just the right amount of sparkle (but we're not talking prom, here). This navy gown is perfectly light with just a touch of embellishments at your shoulders, right where all those selfies focus! If it's a black tie wedding, you can get a little more dramatic with the style and colors. Black is always an option for any formal occasion, weddings are no longer an exception. We just recommend staying clear of white and red, and any necklines or low backs that might show a little too much skin.

When the invitation says SEMI FORMAL or DRESSY CASUAL

How confusing is that? We recommend choosing a floor length gown with little to no embellishments. A solid jersey would do well, but a fun and flowy print like the multi-color dress above would be wonderful for a beach wedding. The fabric is so light and the print is so fun, you could wear this gown all summer long.

When the invitation doesn't say anything!

If it's an evening wedding, chances are it's meant to be formal. A lace dress is a sure hit for a wedding. This navy lace dress has a little bit of sparkle to it but you can easily find a similar style that's more subdued. Lace is very versatile and can be worn as casual, cocktail or formal, depending on the cut and style of the dress. Whether you decide to wear short or long, it's an easy fabric to pull off.

Fore more ideas on what to wear to a wedding for any season check out our Board!

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