How to Dress for a Black Tie Event

When a black tie event, such as a formal wedding or charity gala, is approaching, choosing the right type of formal wear is essential. There are many designer dress rentals that come in full-length, short cocktail, and separates that are all acceptable forms of dress. Continue reading to learn more about dressing for a black tie event.

Formal Gown
The most common way for a woman to dress for a black tie event is with a full-length, formal gown. This gown can be any color and any style that is flattering to the woman’s figure. It should be a formal gown, however, that would match the tone of the event.

Fancy Cocktail Dress
If a full-length gown is not available or not preferable, then consider a short cocktail dress. Wearing a shorter, yet fancy dress has grown in popularity and acceptance at formal, black tie events. A short cocktail dress should not be light in color, because this can make the dress appear too casual. Instead, choose a rich color such as black or jewel tones like sapphire, garnet, or emerald.

Designer Separates
Pairing separates—such as a soft blouse and flowing skirt—is another option for black tie events. Though this outfit should be considered a last option, it can look as formal as a full-length gown or short cocktail dress. Wear a silk blouse with a full skirt in complementary or matching colors and styles.

Appropriate Jewelry
In addition to the right gown or outfit, jewelry should be taken into consideration. Pairing the right style of jewelry with the gown can make or break the entire ensemble. For example, a high-necked dress should not be worn with a necklace, but it can be styled with a diamond bracelet and stud earrings.

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Picking a Dress for Your Body Shape

If you look at pictures of your homecoming dresses and cringe, then you may need to rethink how you dress for your body shape. Continue reading for some tips on finding the perfect evening or holiday dress for your body shape.

As you can see in the video, curvy, busty, and pear-shaped women all have dress styles that suit their shapes best. If you are curvy, look for a tighter dress in a solid color. If you are busty, choose a soft neckline that will not make your bust look bigger. If you are pear-shaped, consider a short cocktail dress that cinches at your waist and balloons around your hips.

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Short Dress or Long Dress: Tips for Getting the Right Look

When you have an upcoming event, one of the decisions you will need to make about your dress rental is whether to wear a short dress or long dress. Although there are some general etiquette rules about dress length, these are changing, and women are more likely than ever to rent the dress they want instead of what tradition says they should wear. As you confront the conundrum of short vs. long, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Understand the Basic Rules
Generally, cocktail dresses are short, while formal gowns are long. This means that if you are invited to a cocktail party, most women are likely to be wearing short dresses, while women at galas are likely to be wearing long dresses. For prom, homecoming, and other school dance events, both long and short dresses can be acceptable. There is a wide range of ways to interpret these rules, but if you want to adhere strictly to dress code norms, follow these guidelines.

Consider the Event
Sometimes, you will know how much leeway you have in choosing a short or long gown by considering the event itself. If you are attending a cocktail party hosted by someone with very traditional tastes, a modest cocktail dress that is knee-length to midi at the longest is probably a safe choice. If you are attending a fashion-forward gala, you may be able to forgo the traditional long dress for something more creative. The host, location, season, and type of event can all shape your decision about wearing a short or long dress.

Experiment with Style
An anything-goes vibe has crept into fashion, giving when the ability to express themselves when they dress for events instead of sticking to rules that could feel outdated. An ankle length dress is not out of the question for a cocktail party anymore, and a short, formal dress can work at a black-tie event. As long as you respect the occasion, get the look that works for you.

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Spicing Up Your LBD

Who says little black dresses have to be boring? At Lending Luxury, we have an enormous collection of LBD dress rentals that are anything but dull. Here are some ways that you can turn the classic LBD on its head.

One way to spice up your LBD is to go for a daring hemline. Try a super-mini, tulip-cut skirt, or go for a long dress with a mega split. You can also choose an LBD with a pop of color added through a beaded neckline or embellished bodice. Statement jewelry can always make an LBD stand out in the crowd, as can standout shoes like heels with an ankle bow or sparkly flats.

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How Does Lending Luxury Work?

Lending Luxury puts designer dresses for every occasion within reach for every budget. Securing a dress rental or buying a formal gown at a discounted price is easy with a quick visit to our website.

Watch this video to learn how Lending Luxury works. Browse our enormous collection of dress rentals online, and filter them according to your need, whether you want to rent prom dresses or you’re looking for a special occasion gown in a specific color. Once you find the dress you want, reserve it for the dates you need it, and then sit back and wait for your dream dress to arrive.

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