Quick Tips for Choosing Your Look for Homecoming

Homecoming is right around the corner, so you need to find the perfect homecoming dress and look for your night out. There are many tips and tricks to ensure you have the right look, such as choosing an outfit and makeup around your favorite physical features. Let’s take a closer look at some other tips that will help you choose your homecoming look.

Tip #1: Consider Current Fashion Trends
Fashion trends change every year, but they should still play a part in picking out your homecoming dress. For example, if a current trend involves bright, jewel-tone colors, then choose a dress rental online that comes in your favorite gem-colored hue. Stay away from fashion fads that do not represent you or that will quickly outdate your homecoming pictures. Large patterns and prints, or oddly-styled homecoming gowns, will likely not be popular within a few years after your event.

Tip #2: Consider Your Personal Attributes
Choose the right look that best showcases your favorite attributes and tones down your least favorite attributes. If you are often complimented on the color of your eyes, then find the eye makeup that best brings out that color. If you have long legs that you want to show off, then choose a flirty cocktail dress and high heels that will make your legs appear even longer. Make sure your entire look is tailored to your physical features and your personality.

Tip #3: Consider Physical Comforts
You want to look your best for your homecoming dance, but you should also feel your best to ensure that you have an enjoyable time. For example, a too-tight dress or too-high heels will make you feel uncomfortable and likely equal a poor experience. Avoid this by choosing an outfit that correctly fits your body shape and complements your skin tone and personality.

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How Lending Luxury Gives Back to Our Community

Lending Luxury has always been invested in helping women look and feel their best by providing beautiful, designer dress rentals. We have also had a desire to give back to our wonderful Tampa community to ensure all women can feel beautiful no matter their situation. Watch the video and continue reading to see how we have affected our community.

Our founders, Sarah and Jennifer, have always had a passion for helping. When a charity gala or charity fashion show requires formal wear or high fashion dresses, we are more than happy to help. We are always here to give back to Tampa however we can, especially when it includes our love of fashion and couture dresses.

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4 Tips for Homecoming Dress Shopping

Summer may be over, but fall has plenty of fun and excitement to offer! This includes a number of themed events, such as the annual homecoming dance celebrated by high school students across the nation. You can start preparing for this school bash by renting the perfect dress. Use these tips to help you make the right dress choice:

    1. Follow Your School’s Dress Code

Start your search for the perfect dress by first reviewing your school’s event dress code policy. Check the homecoming dance invitation, or look into your school’s codebook or website. It is important that you understand these guidelines before searching for a dress, or you might fall in love with a dress that does not follow the rules!

    1. Choose a Basic Style

Think about dresses that you have worn to past dances and other special events. Create a list of which ensembles made you feel the most beautiful and most confident. Use this list to come up with dress features that are flattering and fit in with your personal style. This will help you decide on the right length, fabric, and pattern or your homecoming dress.

    1. Consider the Theme of the Dance

Does your homecoming dance have a theme? If so, you can use this as inspiration when choosing your dress! Look for small design details that will allow you to fit in with the theme while still showing off your unique style.

Lending Luxury offers a variety of designer dresses for rent, making it easy to find the perfect look for any occasion! View our collection online, or call us today at (800) 403-9848 for more information on our evening dresses for rent.

How to Style Your Baby Bump

When your baby bump becomes more noticeable, you need to find the right dress rentals and outfits to help you show it off. Using your own personal style, with the help of special fabrics and simple colors , you can style your baby bump in the most attractive ways. Here is a better understanding of how to show off your style during your pregnancy:

Stay True to Yourself
Pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time, so it is essential that you dress yourself in clothing that makes you feel as comfortable and true to yourself as possible. Choose similar outfit and dress rentals that you would wear before you got pregnant, and you will always feel beautiful. You can find many maternity and non-maternity outfits that are fashionable and similar to the clothing you would normally wear.

Show off Your Bump
You may feel like you need to minimize your baby bump so you appear thinner, but this is the exact opposite of how to style your bump. Your pregnant belly is beautiful, so find the right materials to help you show it off. For example, stretchy fabrics like Lycra will be your best friend during your pregnancy. A Lycra formal event dress will hug your baby bump in all the right places to give you an attractive and comfortable look wherever you go.

Choose Simple Colors
Bright colors and loud prints will visually make you appear larger whether you are pregnant or not. Loud prints can also drown out your natural beauty. Look for outfits and cocktail dresses made of simple colors and simple prints. Neutrals—such as black and grey—can minimize your overall figure while still showing off your baby bump. If you still want some color, then choose deep jewel tones. Emerald, ruby, and sapphire couture dresses look beautiful on everyone and will make your baby bump stand out.

Choose Lending Luxury to help you style your baby bump for all seasons. We have everyday outfits and designer dress rentals in Tampa, FL for your choosing. Please visit us online or call us at (800) 403-9848 to get started.

A Gorgeous Homecoming From Scratch

Nothing is better than dancing with your date or closest girlfriends at your homecoming dance! Before you hit the floor, you will want to take plenty of pictures. You can prepare for these memorable pictures by putting together a gorgeous homecoming ensemble, complete with a designer dress. Use this guide to help you put together your homecoming style:

  • Find a Stunning Designer Dress

You deserve to feel beautiful at your homecoming dance. It is easy to feel stunning when you are wearing a designer dress! Avoid paying a fortune by renting a dress. Choose from a wide variety of styles, including evening dresses and cocktail dresses.

  • Test Out Different Makeup Looks

    After choosing the perfect dress, you can start playing around with makeup to find the look that works best. Your makeup should highlight your best features while also matching the overall style of your designer dress. Start by finding colors that look great with your dress. Next, choose one area to highlight. If you want dramatic eyes, you should have a neutral lip. If you want full and dramatic lips, you should keep your eye makeup simple.

    • Pick Beautiful Accessories

      No look is complete without accessories! You can enhance your homecoming ensemble with the addition of a few key pieces of jewelry. Think about what types of jewelry will look best with your dress. Next, choose the perfect pair of heels to keep your feet looking great out on the dance floor.

      • Create a Fabulous Hairstyle

        The last step for preparing for homecoming is choosing a gorgeous hairstyle. Decide if you want to keep your hair down or wear it up. Then, you can play around with different styles to find one that looks great with your dress.

        If you are ready to start your search for the perfect homecoming dress for rent, contact Lending Luxury today. We offer gorgeous dresses from some of the world’s top designers to give you the look you want at a price you can afford. Give us a call at (800) 403-9848 to learn more!

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