Focus on Designer Tadashi Shoji

Renting a dress provides the best of both worlds: Women can wear fabulous designer garments for special events without paying those high designer prices! Renting dresses is also a great way to learn more about different designers and their unique styles. One designer who’s no stranger among those with a penchant for stunning garments is Tadashi Shoji—a favorite here at Lending Luxury.

Tadashi Shoji is originally from Sendai, Japan. This creative spirit started showing off his artistic abilities in childhood. From a young age, Shoji had a passion for creating works of art, both through drawing and painting. After studying fine art in Tokyo, Shoji worked as an apprentice under Jiro Takamatsu—an innovative artist that helped to start Japan’s 1960s modern art movement.

Fashion wasn’t a part of the equation until Shoji moved to Los Angeles to further his education. While studying fashion in the 1970s, Shoji worked for beloved designer Bill Whiten. Whiten was big at the time, especially among celebrities. Shoji was offered the chance to create garments for stars such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and many more.

Shoji was inspired to create luxurious and elegant dresses for women in America and, in 1982; he opened his own fashion house to display his unique creations. Using stunning fabrics, hand-made designs, and beading, Shoji provided American women with a classic, yet one-of-a-kind style of dresses and gowns.

Today, Tadashi Shoji’s fashions have been seen on such stars as Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Shakira, Deborah Messing, and many more! But these lovely ladies aren’t the only ones with access to Shoji’s stunning collections—women from around the country have enjoyed wearing these pieces through dress rentals.

You can learn more about renting designer dresses here at Lending Luxury. Our long list of designers includes Tadashi Shoji and some of his most captivating designs. Learn more today by calling us at (866) 556-2003!

Tonight on E! News - Giuliana Rancic in Lending Luxury Again!!

Giuliana Rancic has some great taste in fashion. Check her out tonight on E! News wearing a Robert Rodriguez dress from .

Let us know what you think of her dress! Leave a Facebook comment or tweet about it! We want to hear your feedback!

To see more dresses by Robert Rodriguez and other designers, please visit our website.

Michele Marie in

Michele Marie - freelance host of Yahoo! Sports Minute, wore a Nicole Miller dress from in one of last week's segments.

Check out her great clip, sporting our Nicole Miller Dress:

Yahoo! Sports

Giuliana Rancic - Wearing Byron Lars by Lending Luxury

Check out E! Fashion Police tonight to see Giuliana Rancic in a Byron Lars Beauty Mark dress by Lending Luxury.

Doesn't she look so FABULOUS!!!

4 Ways to Vary Your Look with Couture during Wedding Season

Bells are ringing and love is in the air! That can only mean one thing—we’re in the midst of wedding season. As you start sending in your RSVPs to wedding invitations, finding your plus ones, and shopping for gifts, there’s one detail that cannot go unattended: your outfit. The bride may be the star, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous as a guest. Here are 4 ways to vary your look with couture during wedding season:

1. Length. Many wedding guests typically stick to short cocktail style dresses. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, then you can try a longer dress. Both flowing dresses and form-fitting dresses are great in longer lengths. A longer dress can also help show off fabulous shoes by creating a solid line from dress to shoe. Just make sure the long dress you choose isn’t white!

    2. Beading. When browsing through designer dresses for rent, one characteristic that always stands out is beading. Sequins and other beaded additions can add a level of excitement and style to an otherwise boring dress. You can find a variety of patterns, including beaded designs and outlines.

      3. Color. Forget the neutral tones. For this wedding season, you can go all out and find some exciting new colors to try. “Hot” and neon shades are both very trendy right now. Color blocking, which combines large segments of bold colors, is another currently popular trend.

        4. Fabric. You can make a bold statement with the fabric of your dress. Patterns can be used to add texture, making for a unique look. You can also try dresses with multiple fabrics for a more one-of-a-kind ensemble.

          No matter what style you’re looking for, you can find it here at Lending Luxury. We provide the very best dresses to rent for any special occasion. You can rent a fabulous evening dress, a cute cocktail dress, or anything in between! Learn more by visiting our website or calling us at (866) 556-2003.

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