What's Hot in 2011: Designer Couture Dresses You Want To Be Caught In On Your Big Night

If you’ve got a big event coming up, then you’ve probably been searching for the perfect outfit. Whether it’s a party, a work event, or another type of celebration, you want to make sure you dress to impress and look absolutely flawless. You also want to make sure you choose a dress that gives you a uniquely beautiful look, ensuring that no other woman at the party will have the same dress! Looking gorgeous, stylish, and original can be quite simple if you plan to rent a fabulous couture dress.

Couture is a great way to go if you want a look that nobody will duplicate, but everyone will want to. This season, we’ve seen some of the most exquisite couture gowns from some of fashion’s most respected and beloved designers. Couture gowns from these designers are sure to be a hit on your big night:

  • Christian LaCroix. In 1987, Lacroix exposed the world to one of the first couture lines seen in over 20 years. Collaborating on designs for Desigual, we can expect to see more couture looks from the mind of Christian Lacroix.
  • Terani Couture. This is one name that always makes gorgeous couture-inspired gowns. Whether you need a short cocktail dress, a longer evening dress, or even a pageant gown, Terani has a beautiful collection.
  • Badgley Mischka. Variety and versatility are both key to Badgley Mischka’s couture gowns. There are looks to fit any occasion—with fun ‘60s- and ‘70s-inspired looks, as well as modern takes on classic cuts. These gowns use feathers, ruffles, beads, and other gorgeous accessories to create truly unique and one-of-a-kind looks.

Renting your designer dress is a great way to experience the very best of couture without the couture price! At Lending Luxury, we make it incredibly easy to find and rent stunning couture dresses from some of your favorite designers, including Lacroix, Mischka, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many more. We also specialize in renting out prom gowns to make sure you have a night you’ll never forget.

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American Idol's Haley Reinhart Just LOVES Lending Luxury!

Haley Reinhart has been seen in quite a few of Lending Luxury's outfits. Unlike Haley and the American Idol team, you don't have to pay full price for it! You can rent it for that special night out that you want to get all dressed up for.

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Check Out This Article Mentioning Lending Luxury!!

Look Great for the Upcoming Holiday!!

It’s that time of year again when we get out our Easter baskets and wait for the Easter bunny to fill them with lots of chocolates and goodies. We hide Easter eggs for the children in our family and spend time with family and friends. Easter has turned into a tradition of dying, painting, hiding and hunting eggs. Kids can get creative and paint their eggs different colors, dip them in dyes and even put stickers on the outside of them. People have also turned to substituting chocolate or plastic eggs for the traditional hard-boiled egg.

There are family functions to go to, dinner parties to attend and even events to get all jazzed up for. The question is – What are you going to wear that makes you stand out from everyone else and is affordable at the same time?

The history of Easter fashion started when the philosophy of wearing ones “Sunday best” to church services weekly was implemented. The style expectation for Easter was always raised to a higher caliber and it was taken to a whole new level. It is also right after winter is ending and spring is beginning so people are ready to dress up and enjoy the weather a little bit more.

When choosing your Easter outfit this year, remember the time of year it is and try to wear something that matches. Easter is the perfect time for lemon yellows, baby blues, lovely lavenders, perky pinks and mint greens. A glamorous floral print will be a showstopper! Choose a color or print that will compliment and enhance your eye and hair coloring, skin tone and personality.

Lending Luxury has over 400 outfits for you to choose from for that special occasion. Whether you are looking for a comfortable and stylish outfit to wear to your family functions or a beautiful long dress to wear to one of your parties, Lending Luxury has the dress that will make everyone say “Wow”. Lending Luxury designers include favorites such as Tadashi Shoji, Betsey Johnson, Nicole Miller, French Connection, Badgley Mischka, Single and many more. Rent your favorite dress for 5 days for a portion of the price that you would pay to own it. Send it back in the prepackaged, pre-addressed box and send it off! You have had your weekend of fun, dressed like a star and did it all for a price that you can afford.

To find your perfect Easter outfit, visit Lending Luxury.

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